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Chris Windom Dominates at Terre Haute

Photo by USAC Media via Twitter

Chris Windom dominated the 50th Tony Hulman Classic on Wednesday night at Terre Haute Action Track (IN) for the USAC National Sprint Cars.

Windom jumped out to an early lead over Brady Bacon, who set quick time. Bacon started to real Windom in as they closed in on 9 laps down, but a caution came out for Dustin Smith. Tanner Thorson, making his second USAC Sprint Car start, moved up to fourth by the halfway point. At halfway the top five was Windom, Bacon, Justin Grant, Thorson, and Chase Stockton.

"Big Daddy" Chris Windom seemed to be on his way to his second Tony Hulman Classic win until he reached lap traffic. Bacon started to close in as Windom had difficulty navigating through the field. But Windom prevailed and went back to the highside, pulling away from Bacon once again.

A caution came out with five to for Mitchell Davis and it seemed as there would be a five-lap dash to the finish. The field would not even make it a lap before a caution came out for Thorson and the caution turned to a red flag. Nick Bilbee who was trying to avoid Thorson clipped him and flipped in turn four.

Then second place running Brady Bacon along with CJ Leary stopped on the track during the caution. Both went to the work area. Leary dropped out, then Bacon could not get his car refired after they thought he ran out of gas. Both cars ended up dropping out of the race. Meanwhile, Tanner Thorson's crew put a new right rear on his car and he rejoined the field. After the crazy stoppage, the new top five was Windom, Grant, Stockton, Jake Swanson, and Carson Short

Windom who had been perfect on restarts all night long stayed perfect and went on to win the 50th Tony Hulman Classic at Terre Haute Action Track (IN). Marion, Ill native, Carson Short, earned the Hard Charge award tonight after driving from 14th to 5th.

-Lucas Halbert

Top 5 Qualifying:

1. (69) Brady Bacon- 22.025, 2. (4) Justin Grant- 22.094, 3. (9K) Kevin Thomas Jr-22.403, 4. (29) Mitch Wissmiller-22.516, 5. (6) Mario Clouser-22.639

Feature Results (30 Laps):

1. (19) Chris Windom [1], 2. (4) Justin Grant [5], 3. (32) Chase Stockton [7], 4. (34AZ) Jake Swanson [8], 5. (71p) Carson Short [14], 6. (19AZ) Tanner Thorson [10], 7. (9K) Kevin Thomas Jr [4], 8. (5m) Max Adams [2], 9. (98) Brandon Morin [18], 10. (5) Anton Hernandez [9], 11. (33m) Matt Westfield [11], 12. (28) Brandon Mottox [15], 13. (6p) Chris Phillips, 14. (17K) Kendall Ruble [12], 15. (24) Nate McMillin [20], 16. (27) Steve Thomas [21], 17. (77) Dustin Smith [16], 18. (69) Brady Bacon [6], 19. (30) CJ Leary [22], 20. (17) Nick Bilbee [13], 21. (56) Mitchell Davis [17], 22. (29) Mitch Wissmiller [3]

B-Main Results (Top 7 Transfer):

1. CJ Leary, 2. Nate McMillin, 3. Mitchell Davis, 4. Matt Westfall, 5. Chris Phillips, 6. Brandon Morin, 7. Steve Thomas, 8. Eric Perrott, 9. Robert Bell, 10. Kurt Gross, 11. Joe Stewart

Heat 1 Results (Top 5 Transfer):

1. Chase Stockton, 2. Carson Short, 3. Brady Bacon, 4. Chris Windom, 5. Mitch Wissmiller, 6. Nate McMillin, 7. Mitchell Davis, 8. Dave Darland, 9. Kurt Gross, 10. CJ Leary

Heat 2 Results (Top 5 Transfer):

1. Jake Swanson, 2. Tanner Thorson, 3. Justin Grant, 4. Brandon Mattox, 5. Kendall Ruble, 6. Brandon Morin, 7. Eriec Perrott, 8. Robert Bell, 9. Mario Clouser

Heat 3 Results (Top 5 Transfer):

1. Anton Hernandez, 2. Nick Bilbee, 3. Kevin Thomas Jr, 4. Dustin Smith, 5. Max Adams, 6. Matt Westfall, 7. Chris Phillips, 8. Steve Thomas, 9. Joe Stewart

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