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Kevin Thomas Jr. Wins USAC National Sprint Car Season Opener at Bubba Raceway Park

PC: USAC Racing

By: Lucas Halbert- Grassroots Racing News

Ocala, Florida (2/11/2021)... "KTJ" Kevin Thomas Jr. took the lead with fifteen down and fifteen to go to win the USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car season opener at Bubba Raceway Park.

Princeton, Indiana native Kyle Cummins led the field to green with Justin Grant on Thursday night. Cummins set the pace quickly and never faced any issues until halfway neared.

The D-shaped track started to become one lane around as it took rubber, which created a problem for Cummins as he tried to stay ahead of "KTJ" and Justin Grant.

Thomas Jr. capitalized on the moment and dove down to the very bottom of three and four. Finding grip, he rocketed down the front stretch and into the lead as the cross flags were in the air.

With just five laps to go, Justin Grant was able to make his way underneath Cummins as well for the second position.

"KTJ" never looked back and would win the opening night of Winter Dirt Games XII. Grant and Cummins held on for podium finishes. Brady Bacon went 12th to 4th to earn the Hard Charger Award of the A-Main. Tyler Courtney finished 5th to round out the Top 5.

Feature Results (30 Laps):

1. (9K) Kevin Thomas Jr. [3], 2. (4) Justin Grant [2], 3. (3R) Kyle Cummins [1], 4. (69) Brady Bacon [12], 5. (7BC) Tyler Courtney [5], 6. (19AZ) Tanner Thorson [4], 7. (77m) C.J. Leary [11], 8. (20K) Buddy Kofoid [8], 9. (19) Chris Windom [13], 10. (7) Timmy Buckwalter [6], 11. (21AZ) Jake Swanson [9], 12. (12) Robert Ballou [15], 13. (20G) Noah Gass [19], 14. (5s) Chase Stockton [22], 15. (6) Mario Clouser [17], 16. (5N) Paul Nienhiser [21], 17. (5) Dave Darland [10], 18. (77) Stevie Sussex [7], 19. (61m) Jadon Rogers [14], 20. (28) Brandon Mattox [23], 21. (5G) Briggs Danner [16], 22. (33m) Matt Westfall [24], 23. (15) Carson Garrett [18], 24. (28K) Kory Schudy [20]


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