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Wiggs, Keefer, and Mauldin all Claim Golden Drillers at the Tulsa Shootout

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Tulsa, Oklahoma (01/02/2021)... It was another great night of racing at Tulsa Expo Center. There were tears of heartbreak, anger, and joy. Bumper to bumper racing and the passing out of the coveted Golden Driller trophies. The final night of the 36th Annual Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout was fun, but all good things must come to an end. So here is a recap of three of the seven A-Mains tonight, the Restrictor, Jr Sprint, and the 600cc Modified features.


Benton, Illinois native Jaxton Wiggs took home his first Golden Driller on Saturday night. 2020 was Jaxton's first year in Restrictors and even made the occasional A-Class appearance. He dominated his home tracks, winning two track championships at Southern Illinois Raceway and Wayne County Speedway. Jaxton was a silent sleeper entering the event and quiet on the stage after he won. But no matter what, Southern Illinois boy Jaxton Wiggs made a name for himself on Saturday night. Now on to the recap.

Wiggs started on the pole and held his own on the bottom with Austin Woods right behind him. As halfway neared, they closed in on lap traffic, but a caution reset the field.

On the restart, Wiggs and Woods pulled away from the rest of the field. Woods stayed within two car lengths the rest of the race, but Wiggs was flawless, tied to the bottom en route to his first Tulsa Shootout win.

The hard charger of the race was Corbin Rueschenberg. The youngster from Mesa, Arizona passed twelve cars throughout the feature.

Restrictor A-Main Results (25 Laps):

1. (71) Jaxton Wiggs, 2. (2A) Austin Woods, 3. (11) Caeden McCreary, 4. (55) Jett Barnes, 5. (88C) Dominic Carter, 8. (83K) Colin Kirby, 9. (3Z) Trey Zorn, 9. (26) Corbin Rueschenberg, 10. (45) Megan Thomas, 11. (25S) Justis Sokol, 12. (13) Elijah Gile, 13. (95E) Eli Adams, 14. (2M) Shawn Marquez Jr, 15. (8K) Tyler Kuykendall, 16. (2B) Garrett Benson, 17. (2) Taylor Mayhew, 18. (1B) Brian Bennett, 19. (24) Ryder Wells, 20. (66X) Broedy Graham, 21. (72) Kayden Cole, 22. (05R) Brandon Riveira, 23. (13J) Dalton Parreira, 24. (83) Brant Woods

Jr Sprint

Lucas Mauldin started on the pole of the always exciting Jr Sprint feature. Collin Shain ran a close second with Jett Nunley right behind him.

Nunley got impatient with seven to go and got into the back of Shain in turn four. Both drivers spun, ending their chance at a Golden Driller. Garrett Benson then moved into the second position.

On the final restart, Benson tried to get around Mauldin but could not do it. Mauldin did not make any mistakes and won himself a Golden Driller. Benson may not have won, but he earned the hard charger, passing twelve cars on his way to the runner-up spot.

Jr Sprint A-Main Results (20 Laps):

1. (55X) Lucas Mauldin, 2. (6S) Garrett Benson, 3. (31) Lincoln Smith, 4. (77K) Kyle Fernandez, 5. (0) Lathe Griggs, 6. (5V) Vito Cancilla, 7. (29) Grayson Simmons, 8. (2T) Tyler Crown, 9. (24C) Cale Lagroon, 10. (84) Dalten Maust, 11. (5L) Landon Jesina, 12. (45F) Langston Fetty, 13. (66) Blayden Graham, 14. (33) Jett Nunley, 15. (8J) JJ Williams, 16. (5) Jace Thurein, 17. (5K) Kellan Harper, 18. (43) Parker Perry, 19. (36X) Carter Sauer, 20. (87) Collin Shain

600cc Modified

Mason Keefer was not sure if he was going to run the Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout last week. But he decided he was going to at the last second. Tonight, it appears he made a good choice. Keefer started on the pole and had more than a full straightaway lead just five laps in.

The laps were winding down and it appeared Keefer had the win all wrapped up until the caution flag flew. Before we knew it there had been several cautions, with at least two on the final lap.

Mason Keefer had no issues with Chance Hillman and last year's winner Chad Dugan, as he would go onto win a Golden Driller.

Raymond Franklin of Okmulgee, Oklahoma traveled twelve positions to be the hard charger of the race.

600cc Modified A-Main Results:

1. (7) Mason Keefer, 2. (808) Chance Hillman, 3. (1) Chad Dugan, 4. (20) David Nix, 5. (0R) Reggie Rema, 6. (21) Raymond Franklin, 7. (14) Ronnie Jones, 8. (78) Corey Davis, 9. (10C) Chris Cary, 10. (19) Charles Damron, 11. (17) James Waters, 12. (2) Collin Cota, 13. (6) John Kilmer, 14. (9K) Korbin Hand, 15. (12) Matt Moore, 16. (99) Ryan Early, 17. (41) Ty Murray, 18. (6E) Don Erger, 19. (44) Taylor Neilson, 20. (56) Frankie Bardaro

-Lucas Halbert

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