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2021 USAC National Midget Stat Book through 4 Races

PC 1: Rich Forman, PC 2: Bryan Hulbert

Fairfield, Illinois (4/13/2021)... The 2021 USAC National Midget season has been off to a splendid start with an evenly balanced group of drivers chasing for the title. Buddy Kofoid has taken two races to start off the year, but Thomas Meseraull is not far back, only seven points. Four races down with 35+ still on the schedule leaves lots of racing left, but these races could give us a sample of what the rest of the season could look like.

2021 USAC National Midget Stats

Races Completed: 4

Top 15 Points: 1. Buddy Kofoid (295), 2. Thomas Meseraull (-7), 3. Tanner Thorson (-14), 4. Justin Grant (-19), 5. Chris Windom (-25), 6. Emerson Axsom (-62), 7. Daison Pursley (-72), 8. Cannon McIntosh (-103), 9. Logan Seavey (-105), 10. [R] Bryant Wiedeman (-122), 11. Kevin Thomas Jr. (-133), 12. Ethan Mitchell (-135), 13. [R] Chase Randall (-150), 14. Jake Neuman (-175), 15. Tanner Carrick (-184)

Wins: 2- Buddy Kofoid, 1- Thomas Meseraull, Tanner Thorson

Top 5's: 3- Buddy Kofoid, Justin Grant, Chris Windom, 2- Thomas Meseraull, Tanner Thorson, Daison Pursley, 1- Emerson Axsom, Logan Seavey, Ethan Mitchell, Brian Carber, Jason McDougal

Top 10's: 4- Buddy Kofoid, Justin Grant, Thomas Meseraull, 3- Chris Windom, Tanner Thorson, Jason McDougal, Emerson Axsom, 2- Daison Pursley, Kevin Thomas Jr., Tanner Carrick, Kyle Jones, 1- Logan Seavey, Ethan Mitchell, Brian Carber, Cannon McIntosh, Bryant Wiedeman, Joe B Miller, Jake Neuman

Feature Starts: 4- Buddy Kofoid, Justin Grant, Thomas Meseraull, Tanner Thorson, Chris Windom, Emerson Axsom, Daison Pursley, Jason McDougal, Logan Seavey, Ethan Mitchell, Cannon McIntosh, Bryant Wiedeman, Chase Randall, 3- Kevin Thomas Jr., Brenham Crouch, Sam Johnson

Laps Led: 67-Buddy Kofoid, 30-Thomas Meseraull, 27-Logan Seavey, 18-Tanner Thorson, 9-Sam Johnson, 4-Justin Grant

Heat Wins: 2-Thomas Meseraull, Daison Pursley 1-Sam Johnson, Chris Windom, Emerson Axsom, Chase Elliott, Jonathan Beason, Taylor Reimer, Tyler Thomas, Max McLaughlin, Ethan Mitchell, Cannon McIntosh, Kevin Thomas Jr.

Quick Times: 1-Thomas Meseraull, Tanner Thorson, Cannon McIntosh, Kevin Thomas Jr.

Appreances: 4-Thomas Meseraull, Chris Windom, Emerson Axsom, Daison Pursley, Taylor Reimer, Justin Grant, Tanner Thorson, Logan Seavey, Buddy Kofoid, Jason McDougal, Ethan Mitchell, Cannon McIntosh, Bryant Wiedeman, Brenham Crouch, Chase Randall, Kevin Thomas Jr., Kade Morton, Oliver Akard, Emilio Hoover, Hayden Reinbold, 3-Sam Johnson, Jake Neuman, Trey Gropp, Austin Barnhill

B-Main Appearances (Transfer %): 4-Brenham Crouch (50%), Hayden Reinbold (0%), 3-Emerson Axsom (100%), Jason McDougal (100%), Emilio Hoover (0%), 2-Taylor Reimer (0%), Ethan Mitchell (50%), Bryant Wiedeman (100%), Oliver Akard (0%), Trey Gropp (0%), Daniel Robinson (50%), Ace McCarthy (50%), Chance Morton (0%), Tanner Berryhill (0%)

C-Main Appearances (Transfer %): Oliver Akard, Trey Gropp (50%), Kevin Bayer, (50%), Kevin Brewer, Zac Millikan, Cade Cowles, Ryan Bickett, Curtis Jones, 1-Kade Morton, Joe B Miller (100%), Emilio Hoover Taylor Reimer, Chance Morton (100%), Tanner Berryhill (100%), Austin Barnhill, Jacob Denney (100%), Chase McDermand (100%), Noah Harris (100%), Chad Freewaldt, Kurt Stellhorn, Casey Hicks, Kyle Wilson

C-Main to B-Main to A-Main Transfers: 1-Joe B Miller

-Lucas Halbert

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