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Brent Crews flies around Sweet Springs for fifth POWRi National Midget win


Sweet Springs, Missouri (10/1/2021)... Brent Crews (Denver, North Carolina) took home his fifth POWRi National Midget feature of the year on Friday night at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex in the CB Industries #86.

Entering the night Crews was second in series points, ninety behind Keith Kunz Motorsports driver Bryant Wiedeman. The win will surely put Crews on top, or at least shrink Wiedeman's lead with only six POWRi National Midget races left.

Earning the Hard Charger Award of the race was Chance Crum. The Snohomish, Washington native went from 17th to 3rd for his first POWRi podium of 2021. It was also his second Top 5, and fifth Top 10 of the year.

Finishing third was Karter Sarff (Mason City, Illinois). "The Shark" put his family owned #21K on the podium for the fifth time in 2021. Sarff moves into third in series points due to Jake Neuman not making the trip for the Sweet Springs two day show.

Austin Brown (Millstadt, Illinois) had not competed in a POWRi National Midget feature in almost two years entering Friday night. If there was rust for Brown, it sure did not look like it. Brown went from 16th to 4th, passing the second most cars in the thirty lap feature event.

Bryant Wiedeman rounded out the Top 5, while Taylor Reimer, Kyle Jones, Garrett Williamson, Kaylee Bryson, and Buddy Kofoid make up the rest of the Top 10.

Heat Race Winners

  1. Kyle Jones

  2. Kaylee Bryson

  3. Brent Crews

Feature Results (30 Laps):

  1. (86) Brent Crews

  2. (26) Chance Crum

  3. (21K) Karter Sarff

  4. (17A) Austin Brown

  5. (01) Bryant Wiedeman

  6. (25) Taylor Reimer

  7. (7U) Kyle Jones

  8. (10) Garrett Williamson

  9. (71) Kaylee Bryson

  10. (67) Buddy Kofoid

  11. (2C) Casey Casey

  12. (44) Branigan Roark

  13. (15) Xavier Doney

  14. (67K) Cade Lewis

  15. (21) Emilio Hoover

  16. (71K) Daison Pursley

  17. (00) Chase McDermand

  18. (97) Brenham Crouch

  19. (321) Chad Winfery

  20. (50) Daniel Adler

  21. (08) Cannon McIntosh

  22. (87) Jace Park


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