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Brian Carber Carves out KKM Giveback Classic Win at Millbridge

PC: Speed51

Salisbury, NC (11/4/20)... Brian Carber took the lead with 12 to go on Wednesday night to win the TRD KKM Giveback Classic presented by Rowdy Energy at Millbridge Speedway. The past two nights were filled with phenomenal racing. Over 110 cars signed in for a chance at $5,000 and a Keith Kunz Motorsports ride at the Chili Bowl, or $15,000.

The 67 lap feature started with Alex Bright and Christopher Bell on the front row. Bell took his shots early, but Bright was able to prevail through the first 17 laps. Then the first caution came out for 2nd place Bell, he tried to short slide Bright but ended up spinning and almost collecting Bright in the process. Bell had to go to the rear, this moved up Brenden Bright to 2nd.

The war then began amongst the brothers. Alex Bright was able to stay on top the next several laps through multiple cautions, including a red flag for Gage Robb.

Brian Carber found the cushion up top and made his march to the lead, clearing Brendon Bright for 2nd at halfway.

Daison Pursley then joined the party going after Brenden Bright. Heading into turn three, the two make contact causing Bright to go through the infield. While he slips back to 7th, Pursley slides into 3rd. At 25 laps to go, the top 5 was Alex Bright, Brian Carber, Daison Pursley, hometown kid Gavan Boschele, and Austin Schaeffer.

A caution for Illinois native, Aiden Purdue came out with just 16 to go. The caution allowed the field to regroup just as Bright began work through lap traffic.

Carber took his first shot at Bright for the lead just a lap after the restart, but Bright turned back underneath to hold on. Carber stayed close and took his shot to the inside. Coming off of the corner and to 12 to go, there was a new leader, and his name was Brian Carber.

Carber held on tight till a caution with 3 to go for a flat right rear on Daison Purley's machine. It allowed Alex Bright and another shot, as well as Brent Crews who had been letting it all hang out all race long.

On the restart, Carber got a terrific restart and pulled away to win the KKM Giveback Classic at Millbridge Speedway. When asked by pit reporter, Conner Wade, if he was going to take the ride or the cash, Carber chose the big money. Keith Kunz said Carber can change his mind in the next couple of weeks if he wishes.

Part-time driver, Dillon Welch, drove all the way from 20th to 6th. USAC regular, Justin Grant, finished 9th the Frank Galusha Enterprises No. 35. The HART Non-Wing Micro Series based out of the Midwest had a strong showing in the KKM Classic. The series had three winners from 2020 make the show, Austin Schaeffer, Aiden Purdue, and Joe B Miller.

The next major micro race will be the Tulsa Shootout at the Tulsa Expo Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, December 30, 2020- January 2, 2021.

- Lucas Halbert

Feature Results (67 Laps):

1. (41C) Brian Carber, 2. (20) Alex Bright, 3. (R7) Brenden Bright, 4. (11X) Brent Crews, 5. (5) Gavan Boschele, 6. (5B) Dillon Welch, 7. (32) Austin Schaeffer, 8. (23m) Kenny Miller, 9. (35) Justin Grant, 10. (15) Neal Allison, 11. (55) Trevor Cline, 12. (1E) Eddie Strada, 13. (28Q) Austin Quick, 14. (5T) Ryan Timms, 15. (71) Daison Pursley-DNF, 16. (37) Aiden Purdue-DNF, 17. (21) Christopher Bell-DNF, 18. (12G) Gage Robb-DNF, 19. (51B) Joe B Miller-DNF, 20. (81) Frank Flud-DNF, 21. (97) Scotty Milan-DNF


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