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Leroy Carley Solves the Highbanks for first HART Win

Marion, Illinois (August 22, 2020) Leroy Carley solved the Highbanks of Southern Illinois Raceway on Saturday night to capture his first PureMax Racing Oil HART Non-Wing Micros Series win. The victory did not come easy for Carley, he started 7th behind some of the toughest non-wing drivers in the region.

Austin Schaeffer started on the pole and shot out of the gate with a full head of steam. He built up his early lead to nearly a full straightaway when a caution came out causing the field to regroup. A lot can change quickly though. Just after the restart, Schaeffer got caught up in the wall in turns one and two, ending his night.

The lead was then turned over to hometown kid Brocton Williams. He led for quite a while until Carley broke free from the rest of the pack. Slowly picking cars off all night long the Cunningham, Tennessee native had Williams where he wanted him with just under 10 to go. Carley threw the slider and overtook Williams for the lead. Carley began to build a lead of his own until a caution came out with 4 to go.

Carley had Williams and points leader Jake Cheatham behind him on the restart. He came in clutch with a terrific restart as the rest of the top 5 battled hard on back. Leroy Carley would go onto get his first HART Non-Wing Micro Series win at Southern Illinois Raceway. He also took home $500 with the victory.

Jake Cheatham would go onto finish second while Brocton Williams slid back to third. The 2019 HART Series champion Tyler Rust placed 4th while Bobby Bazan rounded out the top 5. On Friday night the series was at Coles County Speedway (IL) once again and this time it was Jake Cheatham getting the win and padding his points lead in the process.

The next time the Heartland Auto Racing Tour hits the track is on September 18th at KC Raceway (MO). The very next night on the 19th they will be at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex (MO), both nights will be the HART series visits either track.

-Lucas Halbert

Feature Results ($500 to Win):

1. (8C) Leroy Carley [7], 2. (71) Jake Cheatham [3], 3. (7B) Brocton Williams [5], 4. (10) Tyler Rust [8], 5. (20B) Bobby Bazan [15], 6. (95) Zach Britton [11], 7. (2P) Jake Palmisano [4], 8. (27H) Zach Hubbard [18], 9. (96) Alex Burgener [10], 10. (11) Craig MIles [23], 11. (8B) Mickey Bullock [20], 12. (13) Jason Billingsley [21], 13. (74) Scottie Gretzmaucher [16], 14. (49K) Austin Brown [2], 15. (44T) Zac Taylor [2], 16. (3M) Tres Mehler [6], 17. (57V) Matt Veatch [19], 18. (38M) Koert Mehler [9], 19. (12K) Kody Kaiser [14], 20. (4) Wyatt Walters [17], 21. (19M) Denver Musgrave [18], 22. (32) Austin Schaeffer [1], 23. (26) Matthew Russell [13], 24. (11B) Colton Booten [22]

B-Main Results (Top 6 Transfer to Feature):

1. Matt Veatch, 2. Mickey Bullock, 3. Jason Billingsley, 4. Colton Booten, 5. Craig Miles, 6. Denver Musgrave, 7. Kameron Romack, 8. Dan Sronce, 9. Kurt Stellhorn, 10. Koale Culp, 11. Daniel Robinson, 12. Troy Jacobs, DNS-Austin Hawkins, Charles Starnes Jr., Logan Null

Heat 1 Results:

1. Brocton Williams, 2. Koert Mehler, 3. Austin Schaeffer, 4. Scottie Gertzmaucher, 5. Bobby Bazan, 6. Colton Booten, 7. Austin Hawkins, 8. Craig Miles, DNS-Denver Musgrave

Heat 2 Results:

1. Tres Mehler, 2. LeRoy Carley, 3. Tyler Rust, 4. Zac Taylor, 5. Zach Hubbard, 6. Matt Veatch, 7. Mickey Bullock, DNS-Daniel Robinson, Dan Sronce

Heat 3 Results:

1. Jake Palmisano, 2. Scott Britton, 3. Caden Englehart, 4. Wyatt Walters, 5. Matt Diercks, 6. Kurt Stellhorn, 7. Jason Billingsley, 8. Charles Starnes Jr., DNS-Logan Null

Heat 4 Results:

1. Jake Cheatham, 2. Alex Burgener, 3. Austin Brown, 4. Kody Kaiser, 5. Matthew Russell, 6. Kameron Romack, 7. Troy Jacobs, 8. Koale Culp

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