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Carson Short Surprises the World of Outlaws at Tri-State

Southern Illinois native Carson Short surprised the World of Outlaws with a win at Tri-State Speedway (IN) on Friday night. Short started on the pole and earned his first Outlaws win in just his 11th start with the series. He is no stranger to winning at Haubstadt though as he earned his first USAC victory at the hairpin quarter mile too. Short, driving for his grandfather, is the first first-time winner in the series in more than a year. Sheldon Haudenschild ran second all race long hoping Short would make a mistake but he never did. David Gravel finished third to round out the podium.

The World of Outlaws Sprint Cars are back tomorrow night at Tri-State Speedway but the event will be broadcasted live on CBS.

Feature Results (30 Laps): 1. (21) Carson Short 2. (17) Sheldon Haudenschild 3. (41) David Gravel 4. (2) Carson Macedo 5. (49) Brad Sweet 6. (5S) Chase Stockton 7. (55) Hunter Schurenburg 8. (83) Daryn Pittman 9. (2M) Kerry Madsen 10. (24) Rico Abreu 11. (15) Donny Schatz 12. (39) Sammy Swindell 13. (26) Cory Eliason 14. (14) Parker Price-Miller 15. (3) Jax Haudenschild 16. (5X) Justin Peck 17. (1A) Jacob Allen 18. (1S) Logan Schuchart 19. (3X) Aryton Gennetten 20. (11K) Kraig Kinser 21. (7S) Jason Sides 22. (71) Shane Stewart 23. (18) Ian Madsen 24. (2C) Wayne Johnson 25. (44) Jeff Swindell

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