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Chris Madden Dominates the "Billy Clanton Classic" Fall Nationals at Senoia

PC: Ryan Roberts

Senoia, GA (11/21/2020)... Chris "Smokey" Madden is moving on to Cherokee Speedway $10,000 richer after his win Saturday night at Senoia Raceway.

Shane Clanton started on the pole with Madden on his outside. Clanton jumped out to an early lead while Mike Marler and Madden shaped the top three.

Just ten laps in and Clanton started in on lap traffic. He had trouble getting through the slower cars as Madden closed in. Madden, on lap 12, threw the car to the inside of Clanton and the two made contact into turn one.

Madden slid high and took the lead down the backstretch. He built up a two-second lead quickly before the first caution of the race came out on lap 18 for Mark Paige.

Billy Moyer Jr battled Mike Marler on the restart, but Moyer prevailed to take third. He quickly took on Shane Clanton for second as halfway neared. Moyer Jr kept the train moving and made his way around Clanton to slide into second.

The second caution of the night came out for Dalton Cook with 27 to go. Shane Clanton exited "the Bullring" during the caution for Cook to make the top 5, "Smokey" Madden, Billy Moyer Jr, Mike Marler, Ashton Winger, and Spencer Hughes.

Marler got a great jump on Moyer Jr on the restart to overtake second while Madden pulled away.

Madden would survive two more cautions en route to the season finale victory at Senoia. Madden has won on back to back weekends after winning last weekend at Magnolia Motor Speedway (MS).

-Lucas Halbert

Feature Results (60 Laps):

1. Chris Madden, 2. Mike Marler, 3. Billy Moyer Jr, 4. Ashton Winger, 5. Mike Paige, 6. Austin Horton, 7. Zach Leonhardi, 8. Spencer Hughes, 9. Donald McIntosh, 10. Stacy Boles, 11. Jimmy Waldrop, 12. Joey Standridge, 13. Dillon Tidmore, 14. Jason Croft, 15. Scott Dedwylder, 16. Joey Armistead, 17. Shane Clanton, 18. Dalton Cook, 19. Austin Kirkpatrick, 20. Landon Bagby


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