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Chris Madden takes the Magnolia State Cotton Pickin 100

Photo by Michael Moats

Columbus, Miss. (11/14/2020)... Tim McCreadie took the win on night one of the Magnolia State Cotton Pickin 100 at Magnolia Motor Speedway (MS). On night two, Saturday night, he would start on the pole with Tyler Erb starting on his outside.

Erb would take the early lead flying around up high. He stretched out his lead up to 5 car lengths at one point but cautions and a changing track kept the rest of the field in striking distance.

McCreadie and Chris Madden were all over Erb on the 4th restart, just 20 laps in. Erb searching around on the changing track, got in rubber and slid high opening the door for Madden on the bottom. Madden took the lead down the backstretch and officially took the lead on lap 23.

Once Madden got in the clear he left the field with ease. Working the bottom to perfection. Through one caution and another nice green flag run. The last thing Madden wanted to see was a caution, but that is what he got with 13 to go.

McCreadie kept pace through the middle on the restart while Madden went fishing on the bottom. Madden finally caught some grip and would good-bye to McCreadie to win the Magnolia State 100 by 2.3 seconds.

The win was his second ever Magnolia State Cotton Pickin 100 and first since 2016. Billy Moyer Jr. would round up the podium along with Madden and McCreadie. Chris Ferguson drove from 18th to 4th.

-Lucas Halbert

Feature Results (70 Laps):

  1. Chris Madden

  2. Tim McCreadie

  3. Billy Moyer Jr

  4. Chris Feguson

  5. Tyler Erb

  6. Rusty Schlenk

  7. Spencer Hughes

  8. Morgan Bagley

  9. Dalton Cook

  10. Kyle Beard

  11. Kenny Collins

  12. Scott Dedwylder

  13. Miles Moos

  14. Mike Marlar

  15. Dane Dacus

  16. Jonathan Rowan

  17. Cade Dillard

  18. Dennis Erb Jr

  19. Ross Camponovo

  20. Brian Rickman


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