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Craig Ronk wins the Showdown in Bean Town at Wayne County Speedway

PC: 357's World of Dirt

Wayne City, Ill (9/6/20) Craig Ronk is your 2020 Showdown in Bean Town winner! Ronk won last night to lock himself into the A-Main tonight (Sunday). In the dash, he started on the pole and finished 2nd to Ryan Criswell. The lineup for the top 4 was set for the A-Main Criswell, Ronk, Aiden Purdue, and Tyler Rust.

Ronk took the lead on the outside of Criswell coming off of turn two on lap number one. Ronk had no issues off the start slicing through lap traffic with ease.

The first caution came out just over halfway for Aiden Purdue, who was running third at the time. Earlier in the race, Purdue had made slight contact with a lap car and broke the Jacob's Ladder in the process. Purdue continued to race, he would go on to make contact with the wall twice and eventually came to a stop at the top of turn number four. The top five on the restart would be Ronk, Criswell, Rust, Chad Elliott, and Andrew Peters.

On the restart, Ronk and Criswell broke away while Peters began to pick off the top 5. The next caution would come out for another front runner, Tyler Rust. The field had just a few laps left when Rust lost a valve and slowed down the front straightaway. This allowed the field to regroup and gave Andrew Peters his shot at the top 2.

Peters got his shot and he took it. After trading sliders with second place running Ryan Criswell, Peters threw another one and did not quite clear the 11R. They made contact causing Criswell to hit the wall in turn two and come to a screeching halt before any more damage could be done. Unfortunately for Criswell, the damage had been done and he could not continue.

After starting 11th, Peters had worked his way to 2nd. This was his chance at the lead with four laps remaining. Craig Ronk was just to fast and ran away on the restart to capture the $3,000. With the win last night also, Ronk takes home $4,500. Peters may not have gotten the win but he did earn the Hard Charger of the evening after traveling from 11th to 2nd.

Other winners from the night were Non-Wing Outlaw/LeRoy Carley, Jr Sprints/Collin Shain, ModLites-Dwarfs/Darrick Hubbard, Restrictor/Jaxton Wiggs, and A-Class/Darin Naida.

The next scheduled race at Wayne County Speedway is September 25-26 for the Trump 45. The HART Non-Wing Micro Series will be there on that weekend as well. Next weekend we (Grassroots Racing News), will be at Southern Illinois Raceway for the Terry Sprague Memorial.

-Lucas Halbert


Feature Results (40 Laps):

1. (91M) Craig Ronk [2], 2. (94) Andrew Peters [11], 3. (65E) Chad Elliot [5], 4. (71) Jake Cheatham [7], 5. (35) Tyler Robbins [13], 6. (2J) Jaxon Bishop [15], 7. (99) Jake Neuman [6], 8. (2C) Chris Cobin [7], 9. (12S) Adyn Schmidt [12], 10. (33M) Ryan Mueller [16], 11. (3C) Collin Mitchell [10, 12. (17D) Molly Day [14], 13. (7G) George Hertter [20, 14. (11R) Ryan Criswell [1], 15. (10) Tyler Rust [4], 16. (7N) Darin Naida [17], 17. (37) Aiden Purdue [3], 18. (7) Daniel Robinson [18], 19. (84) Carson Heady [8], 20. (42B) Andy Bishop [19]

Dash (4 Laps):

1. Ryan Criswell, 2. Craig Ronk, 3. Aiden Purdue, 4. Tyler Rust

B-Main 1 (12 Laps) Top 2 Transfer to A-Main:

1. Darin Naida, 2. Andy Bishop, 3. Alex Burgener, 4. Skylar Hunter, 5. Alex Midkiff, 6. LeRoy Carley, 7. Craig Miles, 8. Mattie Lienemann, 9. Jimmy Wells, 10. Mickey Bullock, 11. Weston Burner, 12. Shane Heck, 13. Austin Hawkins, DNS-Devin Feger

B-Main 2 (12 Laps) Top 2 Transfer to A-Main:

1. Daniel Robinson, 2. George Hertter, 3. Sean Robbins, 4. Reece Saldana, 5. Cale Goodwin, 6. Koert Mehler, 7. Gunner Shroyer, 8. Ryan Anderson, 9. Tobias Midkiff, 10. Larry Drake, DNS-Tres Mehler, Austin Schaeffer, Cody Swisher

Heat 1 (10 Laps):

1. Adyn Schmidt, 2. Collin Mitchell, 3. Chad Elliot, 4. Carson Heady, 5. Molly Day, 6. Craig Miles, 7. Austin Hawkins, 8. Austin Schaeffer, 9. Mickey Bullock, DNS-Cody Swisher

Heat 2 (10 Laps):

1. Jake Neuman, 2. Larry Drake, 3. Jaxon Bishop, 4. Ryan Mueller, 5. Darin Naida, 6. Daniel Robinson, 7. Tobias Midkiff, 8. Tres Mehler, 9. Gunner Shroyer, 10. Jimmy Wells

Heat 3 (10 Laps):

1. Jake Cheatham, 2. LeRoy Carley, 3. George Hertter, 4. Andy Bishop, 5. Koert Mehler, 6. Reece Saldana, 7. Cale Goodwin, 8. Sean Robbins, 9. Weston Berner, DNS-Devin Feger

Heat 4 (10 Laps):

1. Tyler Robbins, 2. Andrew Peters, 3. Alex Burgener, 4. Chris Cobin, 5. Skylar Hunter, 6. Alex Midkiff, 7. Mattie Lienemann, 8. Shane Heck, 9. Ryan Anderson


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