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Danny Martin Jr. Picks Up Night 1 of King of the 360s at East Bay

PC: Heath Lawson

By: Lucas Halbert- Grassroots Racing News

Tampa, Florida (2/11/2021)... Sarasota, Florida native Danny Martin Jr. picked up the win in his home state on Thursday night at East Bay Raceway Park, winning night one of King of the 360s.

Brett Wright and Dale Howard led the field to green for the 25 laps A-Main. Howard would set the pace early in his No. 47H.

Martin Jr. started 8th and made quick work of the field. He made his way up to second by lap seven. Just a lap later, he drove around Howard for the lead with ease in turns three and four.

Tim Shaffer also passed Howard, sliding himself into second. He then slowly but surely closed in on Martin Jr. for the top spot.

Martin Jr. was able to put two cars between himself and Shaffer and pulled away.

With just four laps to go, it seemed Danny Martin Jr. had the race won with no issues. But a caution came out for a car stopped in turn one.

It did not matter though, Tim Shaffer has nothing for Danny Martin Jr. as he would lead the final three laps and win the Ronald Laney Memorial.

Feature Results (25 Laps):

1. (24) Danny Martin Jr, 2. (72) Tim Shaffer, 3. (47H) Dale Howard, 4. (M1) Mark Smith, 5. (47) Eric Riggins Jr, 6. (24m) Terry McCarl, 7. (14B) Brett Wright, 8. (27w) Tyler Gunn. 9. (5s) Max Stambaugh, 10. (3c) Cale Conley, 11. (22) Connor Leoffler, 12. (10G) Terry Gray, 13. (5k) Jacob Karklin, 14. (28F) Davie Franek, 15. (28m) Conner Morrell, 16. (3G) Todd Gracey, 17. (7B) Ben Brown, 18. (7c) Phil Gressman, 19. (83) Mark Reul Jr., 20. (10) Paul Colagiovanni Jr., 21. (71H) Ryan Ruhl, 22. (6) Dustin Gates, 23. (99) Austin McCarl, 24. (24w) Garet Williamson


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