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Emerson Axsom Takes First Career USAC National Midget Win at Kokomo

PC: USAC Racing via Twitter

Kokomo, Indiana (4/30/2021)... Just a week after capturing his first career POWRi National Midget win, Emerson Axsom claims his first USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget victory at Kokomo Speedway.

Axsom started on the outside of reigning champion Chris Windom. After a brief battle for the lead, Emerson drove away with ease, build his lead up to 1.5 seconds just four laps in.

But a flip by Brenham Crouch halted Emerson from extending his lead any further. A caution on restart delayed racing for another moment as well.

After two stoppages in racing, it was time for Emerson Axsom to shine. The Franklin, Indiana native, shot out of cannon on the high side and quickly built up a comfortable lead.

Just past halfway, Chris Windom jumped the cushion and got crossed up, which allowed Chase Randall to sneak underneath. The Top 3 was then all teenagers.

Heartbreak then set in for Randall, he pulled off the track with eight laps to go.

As the laps were starting to wind down, Cannon McIntosh began to cut into Axsom's lead, shaving off about two-tenths of a second a lap.

But Emerson Axsom was flawless and kept McIntosh away to take home his first career USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget win. Chris Windom took the final podium spot, while Justin Grant and Buddy Kofoid made up the rest of the Top 5.

Tanner Thorson was the Hard Charger of the feature, traveling from 17th to 7th to earn the honor.

Feature Results (30 Laps):

1. (15) Emerson Axsom [2], 2. (08) Cannon McIntosh [3], 3. (89) Chris Windom [1], 4. (2J) Justin Grant [9], 5. (67) Buddy Kofoid [8], 6. (71K) Daison Pursley [4], 7. (19T) Tanner Thorson [17], 8. (19m) Ethan Mitchell [12], 9. (5) Kevin Thomas Jr [13], 10. (7x) Thomas Meseraull [16], 11. (01) Bryant Wiedeman [7], 12. (3G) Kyle Cummins [14], 13. (25) Logan Seavey [10], 14. (14s) Clinton Boyles, 15. (19AZ) Hayden Reinbold [18], 16. (3w) Brandon Waelti [20], 17. (75AU) Bryan Stanfill [19], 18. (19A) Chase Randall [5], 19. (97) Brenham Crouch [6], 20. (4A) Jason McDougal [11]


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