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Gavan Boschele Signs with Keith Kunz Motorsports for Partial POWRi Schedule

Photo by Kieth Kunz Motorsports via Twitter

Fairfield, Illinois (3/25/2021)... Young gun Gavan Boschele announced on Thursday morning that he has signed with Keith Kunz Motorsports.

Boschele will run a partial POWRi Midget and Micro Sprint schedule for the 2021 season. Gavan will make his KKM debut Friday night at I-44 Riverside Speedway in the Turnpike Challenge.

Team Owner Keith Kunz is looking forward to having Boschele this year, "Gavan is one of the most talented young kids coming up through Micros and we decided to test him in a Midget to see how he handled the transition. He's one of the best I've ever seen for his first time in a Midget and I'm looking forward to working with him this year in the Micro, Midget, and being apart of his future."

Boschele burst onto the Micro Sprint scene in 2020. He won the track championship at Millbridge Speedway over another rising star, Brent Crews. Gavan also scored a top 5 at the KKM Giveback Classic at Millbridge with over 100 drivers in attendance.

The movement of young talent into Midgets this year has been exciting. Boschele and many others will be fun to watch this year on the POWRi Midget trail.


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