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Jason Leffler Memorial Brings out the Best of the Best at Wayne County

PC: 357Studios/357's World of Dirt

Wayne City, Ill (10/9/2020) The 7th Annual Jason Leffler Memorial at Wayne County Speedway brought the NOS Energy Drink USAC National Midgets drivers to the 1/8th mile bullring in Wayne City, Ill. Joining the USAC Midgets were the PureMax Racing Oil HART Non-Wing Micros, Restrictors, and Jr Sprints. The Midgets may have been the headline but they did not bring the most cars at 36, the HART Series did with 39. The solid car count produced a solid night of racing for all four divisions. Here is the run down for each feature from Friday nights racing at Wayne County.

USAC Midgets

It was Cannon McIntosh leading the field to green and throwing the big slider on Chris Windom into turn one. Windom was able to give it right back in turns three and four to take the lead at the line. Windom continued to lead when the first caution came out for the 19 of Brady Bacon in turns one and two. On the restart, McIntosh threw another slider on Windom, but Windom was able to turn back underneath to hold on to the lead. After another restart, McIntosh refused to let Windom get very far. The two traded sliders while Windom stayed in control. Then McIntosh hit the cushion wrong and got turned into the wall in turns three and four. This allowed Windom to extend his lead to a very comfortable one with 24 to go.

Tanner Thorson then found his line, fishing down on the bottom. He worked it just right to get by Cannon McIntosh for second with 15 to go. As the race went on more and more cars started to join Thorson on the bottom. The bottom then became the hotline and Windom stayed up top with no idea Thorson was closing in. On lap 29, Thorson hitting all of his marks was able to get by underneath Windom for the lead. Thorson was able to get his lead to nearly a full straightaway quickly before Windom joined him down low. Windom had one last shot. Thorson being held up by lap traffic with 5 to go. Before he could make his move a caution came out for Tyler Thomas, Hayden Reinbold, and Jason McDougal. On the restart, Windom did not have anything for Thorson as he worked the bottom to perfection to become the 7th different winner in as many years of the Jason Leffler Memorial at Wayne County Speedway!

The USAC Midgets are back in action tonight (Saturday) at Tri-State Speedway (IN) for the Harvest Cup. It will be LIVE on FloRacing!

A-Main Results (40 Laps):

1. (25m) Tanner Thorson [6], 2. (89) Chris Windom [2], 3. (5) Kevin Thomas Jr [4], 4. (71K) Cannon McIntosh [1], 5. (9) Daison Pursley [3], 6. (7BC) Tyler Courtney [10], 7. (3G) Kyle Cummins [11], 8. (25) Chase Randall [5], 9. (15) Emerson Axsom [7], 10. (4A) Justin Grant [9], 11. (85) Jerry Coons Jr [15], 12. (39BC) Cole Bodine [20], 13. (96) Cody Brewer [18], 14. (4) Robert Dalby [19], 15. (91T) Tyler Thomas [14], 16. (25c) Chase Johnson [12], 17. (67) Buddy Kofoid [17], 18. (71) Kaylee Bryson [22], 19. (19) Sam Johnson [21], 20. (19AZ) Hayden Reinbold [23], 21. (19) Brady Bacon [13], 22. (19A) Logan Seavey [8], 23. (4B) Jason McDougal [16]

Heat Winners: 1. Kyle Cummins, 2. Chris Windom, 3. Chase Johnson, 4. Brady Bacon, 5. Cannon McIntosh

HART Non-Wing Micros

Matt Veatch started on the pole and got off to a great start. He needed a lot of great starts in this one with many cautions. Bobby Bazan, who was running in the top 5 slowed in turn 2 and caused Andy Bishop to check up. Bishop did not check up enough and made contact causing him to spin and bring out the caution. Aiden Salisbury, who made the long haul from Colorado Springs, CO, was the first driver to find speed on the bottom. He got underneath Jordan Clary for second in the short green flag run, before another caution for Bobby Bazan.

Three drivers made their green flag laps count all race long, Alex Burgener, Aiden Purdue, and Tyler Rust. All started deeper than 15th and moved into the top 10 quickly. After numerous long cautions, a green-white-checkered finish was next. No one had anything for Matt Veatch so far and they did not the restart, as Matt Veatch would go on win $500. The Hard Charger of the race was Alex Burgener, he started 18th and finished 4th.

The PureMax Racing Oil HART Non-Wing Micros Series presented by EMi is back on the track next weekend at Wayne County Speedway.

A-Main Results:

1. (57V) Matt Veatch, 2. (18S) Aiden Salisbury, 3. (94) Jordan Clary, 4. (96) Alex Burgener, 5. (23C) Tony Clifton, 6. (32) Austin Schaeffer, 7. (28) Rich Williams, 8. (3M) Tres Mehler, 9. (10) Tyler Rust, 10. (37) Aiden Purdue, 11. (20V) Mike Vallette, 12. (69) Blake Lamb, 13. (8C) LeRoy Carley, 14. (18O) Craig Overpeck, 15. (3) Cale Coons, 16. (11X) Craig Miles, 17. (55) Charlie Heck, 18. (20) Logan Null, 19. (42B) Andy Bishop, 20. (52) Bruce Bretzman, 21. (20B) Bobby Bazan, 22. (24) Weston Burner, 23. (38M) Koert Mehler, 24. (29S) Stone Sharpe

Heat Winners: 1. Matt Veatch, 2. Craig Overpeck, 3. Tony Clifton, 4. Jordan Clary


Hunter Walker started on the pole and led every lap except the final two. Jaxton Wiggs had been waiting on Walker to make a mistake he finally did with two to go. Walker hit a tire on the inside of turns three and four causing him to go high on exit and allowing Wiggs to sneak by underneath. Wiggs, pressured by Walker, never made a mistake and would go onto win the Restrictor class A-Main.

A-Main Results (15 Laps):

1. (71) Jaxton Wiggs, 2. (16W) Hunter Walker, 3. (7BC) Kanon Posey, 4. (10B) Braden Pfeiffer, 5. (87) Collin Shain, 6. (88) Billy Lieb, 7. (24) Kameron Sneed DNS-Brodie Wendel

Heat Winner: Hunter Walker

Jr Sprints

Mr. JJ Williams had his 8J hooked up in the 15 lap feature. He led flag to flag. Parker Perry has hooked up as well gaining three positions to finish second and be the hard charger of the Jr Sprint feature.. David Bretz rounds up the podium in third.

A-Main Results (15 Laps):

1. (8J) JJ Williams, 2. (43) Parker Perry, 3. (30) David Bretz, 4. (5E) Eli Holden, 5. (18) Jackson Lieb, 6. (57R) Aiden Robinson, 7. (71C) Noah Chitwood, 8. (21J) Jayden Hiller, 9. (2T) Titan Cobin, (6P) Ayden Porter

Heat Winners: 1. Eli Holden, 2. JJ Williams


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