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Keith Kunz Motorsports Announces full 2021 Chili Bowl Lineup

Chili Bowl Photo

Fairfield, IL (12/10/2020)... Keith Kunz Motorsports has announced their full ten-car lineup for the 35th Annual Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals in January.

Their lineup consists of Rico Abreu, Cannon McIntosh, Buddy Kofoid, Brian Carber, Kaylee Bryson, Tanner Carrick, Tucker Klaasmeyer, Jesse Love, Daison Pursley, and Holley Hollan.

KKM will once again field the biggest team in the event. This team is young, but they have had success in their limited experience inside the Tulsa Expo Center. Rico Abreu leads the way with two Golden Drillers and the only one to win the Main Event. He is not the only one on the team to win a prelim feature because second-year driver Cannon McIntosh did so last year.

What you need to know on all ten drivers entering January 11th can be found below.

Rico Abreu: Two-time CBN winner ('15 & '16) and has won the last 5 prelim features he has competed in. This will be his 10th go around in Tulsa.

Buddy Kofoid: Captured 3 USAC National Midget wins and 7 with POWRi in 2020. He finished 7th last year.

Cannon McIntosh: 2020 Monday night prelim winner and finished 3rd to Larson and CBell in the Main Event.

Daison Pursley: 2021 will be his first attempt at a Golden Driller. Picked up his first POWRi National Midget win and 4 top 5's with USAC this year.

Brian Carber: Won the KKM Giveback Classic and chose the $15K. Over 30 people donated the $10,000 he needed to rent the ride.

Kaylee Bryson: Bryson already hasa Golden Driller from when she won at the Tulsa Shootout in the Restrictor class. She improved and and impressed all year long.

Jesse Love: Never raced in the CBN before, turns legal age (16) while at the CBN allowing him to run the final two prelim days.

Tucker Klaasmeyer: Finished top 5 in his last 2 prelim nights and placed 13th and 10th the last two years in the main event.

Tanner Carrick: Last competed with KKM at the CBN in 2019 where he finished 10th in the C-Main. Last year he ran with Petry and made it to the H-Main.

Holley Hollan: This January will be her 4th shot at the CBN.

-Lucas Halbert


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