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Keith Kunz Motorsports Sweeps Saturday Night at Port City

PC: USAC Racing

Tulsa, Oklahoma (4/10/2021)... Buddy Kofoid continued his reign of terror on midget racing on Saturday night at Port City Raceway. As of Saturday night, Kofoid has won six of the ten midget races he has entered, and only finished outside the Top 3 once. He exerted his dominance once again, driving from 16th to win $7,001.

On the Micro Sprint side of things, Daison Pursley showed the way around winning at his home track. The Keith Kunz Motorsports WR1 Sim Chassis No. 71K was bad fast, starting on the pole, facing adversity and falling back, and then coming back to win.

**Full Race Recaps are down below**

USAC Midgets

Logan Seavey led the field to green with CB Industries drivers Chris Windom to his outside and Ryan Timms behind him. Seavey fended off a slider from Windom before the first caution came out for Heat 1 winner Tyler Thomas went for a ride.

It wouldn't be long before another caution came out, this one though for third-place running Chris Windom. The reigning champion caught a tire in turn two, causing him to get sideways and collect Kevin Thomas Jr. After another break in green flag racing for Tyler Thomas, Daison Pursley was the next victim of an infield tire. He hit one exiting turn four, knocking the left rear off of the bead.

The next driver to challenge Seavey was 14-year-old, Ryan Timms. He threw a slider at Seavey, but the #25 turned underneath to retain the lead. Two laps later, Timms would slide high in turn two, and allow Justin Grant to take the position.

The top two separated themselves from everyone else just as another caution came out. This time Thomas Meseraull tried to through a slider on Timms but made big contact. Timms took a direct hit from T-Mez's right rear, sending him into the wall and ending up on his side.

Then RMS Racing teammates Justin Grant and Thomas Meseraull lined up behind Logan Seavey on the restart. They gave Seavey nearly everything they had. Grant was rolling the bottom while T-Mez was banging the cushion.

While Grant and T-Mez battled it out, Bixby, Oklahoma native Cannon McIntosh entered into the picture. He cleared Meseraull and began to work on Grant, as Buddy Kofoid started to challenge the leaders too. Kofoid went three-wide with Meseraull and McIntosh into turn one. He and McIntosh made contact causing McIntosh to go around.

During the caution, race leader Logan Seavey pulled off the track, giving up the lead to Justin Grant. Grant wouldn't be in the lead long, as Kofoid rolled the bottom to perfection to take the lead with 21 laps to go.

Kofoid would face slight pressure from Thomas Meseraull on the high side, but the top went away, and T-Mez faded back. Micro sprint ace Brian Carber worked the bottom past Justin Grant and Meseraull to finish second.

Feature Results (50 Laps):

1. (67) Buddy Kofoid, 2. (19) Buddy Kofoid, 3. (7x) Thomas Meseraull, 4. (4) Jason McDougal, 5. (2J) Justin Grant, 6. (7u) Kyle Jones, 7. (49) Joe B Miller, 8. (01) Bryant Wiedeman, 9. (15) Emerson axsom, 10. (5) Kevin Thomas Jr., 11. (19T) Tanner Thorson, 12. (89) Chris Windom, 13. (71K) Daison Pursley, 14. (32) Trey Marcham, 15. (8J) Jonathan Beason, 16. (72J) Sam Johnson, 17. (8) Alex Sewell, 18. (08) Cannon McIntosh, 19. (19A) Chase Randall, 20. (19m) Ethan Mitchell, 21. (25) Logan Seavey, 22. (97) Brenham Crouch, 23. (84) Ryan Timms, 24. (91T) Tyler Thomas

Outlaw Non-Wing Micro Feature

Daison Pursley and Brenham Crouch made up the front row, with Pursley taking the early lead at his home track. Trey Robb made his way into second and Jeffrey slid into third as Crouch began to fall back.

Just a handful of laps in, Pursley pulled into the infield with an issue, surrendering the lead to Trey Robb. It wouldn't be long until Newell found the bottom and took the lead away from Robb as he continued to try up high.

At some point, Pursley pulled back on track and had made his way back up to the fourth position before the halfway point.

On the restart, Crouch made his way past Robb for second but couldn't get comfortable as Pursley was right there to challenge for the spot. A caution saved Crouch for a few moments, but when racing was back underway, he made a mistake, allowing Pursley and Robb to sneak underneath.

Pursley then set his sights on Newell. Going low in turns one and two and high in three and four, Pursley sat back and sized up Newell before making his move.

The Keith Kunz No. 71K driver did not wait long before shooting under Newell out of turn two. Newell would take the spot back in three and four as the two stayed tail tank to tail tank the next time around.

Pursley then shot to the top in turns one and two, trying to gain speed. One lap around the top did not do the trick, but two laps did. He became the new leader with three laps to go. Then lap traffic decided to make things interesting as Frank Flud began to make a late charge. Flud was all over Pursley's rear end into turn one and out of two.

Flud went high in the final corner while Purlsey went low. Flud rocketed off the corner and began to pull even with Pursley but ran out of room. Daison Pursley won by half of a car length over Frank Flud at his home track!

Feature Results (30 Laps):

1. (71K) Daison Pursley, 2. (81) Frank Flud, 3. (12) Jeffrey Newell, 4. (92M) Matt Carr, 5. (12T) Trey Robb, 6. (14R) Jake Nail, 7. (1) Brenham Crouch, 8. (1H) Connor Lee, 9. (28H) Chelby Hinton, 10. (97) Scotty Milan, 11. (11L) Laydon Pearson, 12. (33) Cody Barnes, 13. (56) Jace Park, 14. (92) Jake Rosario, 15. (96) Alex Burgener, 16. (99D) Tucker Daly, 17. (92S) Austin Lambert, 18. (51B) Joe B Miller, 19. (3) Jace McIntosh, 20. (26) Corbin Rueschenberg


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