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Kerry Madsen shakes off Shaffer and Marci at Bridgeport on Tuesday night

Bridgeport, New Jersey (4/6/2021)... Racing doesn't usually happen on Tuesday nights, but tonight it did at Bridgeport Motorsports Park in New Jersey. Kerry Madsen made the most of the opportunity to run a new track and make some extra money before the weekend.

Tim Shaffer started on the pole and led the way early on the high side. He started to close in on lap traffic, but so did Kerry Madsen with little contest. Madsen took the lead just six laps into the main event.

Madsen didn't have much time to extend his lead right away as a caution came out for fifth place running Justin Peck.

On the restart, Madsen stayed on the bottom while Shaffer continued to try up top. Shaffer's way around looked to be the best, and he started to gain on Madsen for the lead. Madsen wasted no time moving to the high side and started to pull away.

The leaders quickly moved into lap traffic, and Madsen made it look easy. On the move though was Brent Marks, who just passed Anthony Marci for third and started to challenge Shaffer for second.

With two laps to go and a long green-flag run almost finished, the race seemed to be an easy win for Madsen, but a caution for Anthony Fiore temporarily delayed Madsen's shining moment.

Madsen took the green and white flag together and held off Tim Shaffer and Co. in the one lap dash to the finish to win the Posse Invasion at Bridgeport!

Feature Results (30 Laps):

1. (24) Kerry Madsen, 2. (72) Tim Shaffer, 3. (39m) Anthony Marci, 4. (5m) Brent Marks, 5. (10x) Ryan Smith, 6. (91r) Kyle Reinhardt, 7. (51) Freddie Rahmer, 8. (48) Danny Dietrich, 9. (5) Tyler Ross, 10. (13) Justin Peck, 11. (37) JJ Grasso, 12. (67) Justin Whitall, 13. (5w) Lucas Wolfe, 14. (11a) Austin Bishop, 15. (99) Kyle Moody, 16. (21) Matt Campbell, 17. (15b) Mark Bitner, 18. (85) Ricky Dieva, 19. (44b) Dave Brown, 20. (91) Anthony Fiore, 21. (8) Billy Dietrich, 22. (15) Lyton Jeffery, 23. (39) Chase Dietz, 24. (47) Adam Carberry


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