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Kyle Larson Crosses BC39 off Bucket List at IMS

PC: Walkapedia

By: Lucas Halbert - Grassroots Racing News

Speedway, Indiana (8/19/2021)... Kyle Larson, what dirt race hadn't he won over the last two years? The BC39 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway was one of them, if not the biggest.

Now Kyle Larson has won and officially crossed the race honoring Bryan Clauson off his bucket list in arguably one of the best races of the year.

Larson started in the fourth and stayed patient until the race was close to halfway. On the restart after a second Corey Day caution, Larson made his first big move, sliding Justin Grant for the second position.

"Yung Money" then took to the tough and tricky rim and drove around the outside of Thomas Meseraull for the top spot.

T-Mez doesn't let anyone get away easily, he threw a slider on Larson the next corner, as Larson gave it right back. The two would make contact on the next T-Mez slider. Meseraull would then drive away with ten laps to go.

It seemed Thomas Meseraull was on his way to win the biggest race of his career with a two-second lead with five laps to go. A caution for Cannon McIntosh halted Meseraull from reaching victory lane.

On the restart, it was wild. Larson and T-Mez made contact once again, but this time Meseraull got the worst end of it. The driver of the RMS Racing #7x was facing backward in turn two.

Another five-lap shootout was set up between Larson, Justin Grant, and Brady Bacon.

Chaos ensued. Sliders are being thrown left and right by Justin Grant, while he and Kyle Larson are banging the cushion.

In the end, however, it was "Yung Money" Kyle Larson winning the BC39 and cashing $15,000 for CB Industries. The win is Larson's 25th career USAC National Midget win, tying him with Darren Hagen, Dave Strickland, and Parnelli Jones for 16th on the all-time wins list.

Justin Grant held on to finish second, and Brady Bacon rolled the bottom to a third-place finish. Emerson Axsom went 19th to 5th to earn the Hard Charger award.

Feature Results (39 Laps):

1. (86x) Kyle Larson, 2. (2J) Justin Grant, 3. (21H) Brady Bacon, 4. (71K) Daison Pursley, 5. (15) Emerson Axsom, 6. (85) Ryan Timms, 7. (19T) Tanner Thorson, 8. (7BC) Tyler Courtney, 9. (85) Jerry Coons Jr., 10. (67) Buddy Kofoid, 11. (5B) Chase Briscoe, 12. (84) Spencer Bayston, 13. (5) Kevin Thomas Jr., 14. (37) Zeb Wise, 15. (25) Logan Seavey, 16. (39BC) Cole Bodine, 17. (3G) Kyle Cummins, 18. (21K) Karter Sarff, 19. (71) Kaylee Bryson, 20. (19A) Chase Randall, 21. (89) Chris Windom, 22. (08) Cannon McIntosh, 23. (1NZ) Hayden Williamson, 24. (7x) Thomas Meseraull, 25. (47BC) Corey Day


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