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Kyle Larson is in Trouble

Just after winning the Chili Bowl a couple months ago, Kyle Larson's career has taken a turn for the worst.

Kyle Larson standing in front of his No. 01 Lucas Oil midget car after winning the Gateway Dirt Nationals.

"I made a mistake, said the word that should never, ever be said," Larson said. "There is no excuse for that. I wasn't raised that way. It is just an awful thing to say. I feel very sorry for my family, my friends, my partners, the NASCAR community and especially the African American community." - exerpt of Kyle Larson's apology video

Photo from DB3Inc. Kyle Larson celebrating after winning the Chili Bowl.

Kyle Larson's Career Up in Air After Using the "N" Word

Just after winning the Chili Bowl a couple months ago, Kyle Larson's career has taken a turn for the worst. He has been fired from Chip Ganassi Racing and suspended indefinitely by NASCAR after saying the N word on a live Twitch stream Sunday night. (Swipe to hear) Larson has been trying to link up with his spotter and did not know he was on a public channel.

The aftermath has been massive. His man Cup Series sponsors have terminated their contract with him, such as Credit One Bank, McDonald's, Clover, and Chevrolet. The sponsors just named haven’t said they will stop sponsoring CGR though. iRacing has banned him their services indefinitely. Lucas Oil has not terminated sponsorship but they have suspended, there is a difference. Finley Farms who sponsors his sprint car has come out and said they will stick by him. NASCAR is making Larson take a 2-4 week sensitivity program for his actions.

What is next for Kyle Larson? Well just have to wait and see. He can always go back to his roots and race midgets and sprint cars. There is SPECULATION that sometime down the road he may sign with Stewart-Haas Racing, given his relationship with Tony Stewart. There is also a new team in the horizon called TMT Racing, it is owned by Floyd Meriwheather, a world class boxer. TMT has yet I field a car but they have been actively working to do so. Time will tell where Larson goes in his career. But I can guarantee you not only has he learned his lesson but so many others have realized the consequences one word can have one persons entire career

-Lucas Halbert

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