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Kyle Larson Leads All 55 Laps to Go Back to Back at the Chili Bowl

Photo by Walkapedia

Tulsa, Oklahoma (01/16/2021)... There were two stars that stole the final day of the Chili Bowl Nationals. Jason McDougal and Kyle Larson.

McDougal was forced to start in the I-Main after facing mechanical failure while leading his Preliminary B-Main. Entering Saturday, McDougal was seen as one of the top candidates to make his way through the Alphabet Soup.

He would win the I-Main and continue to put on a show for the early afternoon fans, advancing all the way to the D-Main. McDougal was in the final transfer spot, coming out of turn four, when Ryan Bernal dumped him. The crowd showered Bernal in boo's and cheered McDougal as he was carried back to his pit. McDougal's run is the largest in recent memory.

No on else could quite make the run McDougal made the rest of the night. After he had the spotlight it was time for the A-Main, after a complete reworking of the track. Justin Grant started on the pole and did not lead lap one, or any lap for that matter.

Kyle Larson led lap one to no ones surprise. Larson started on the outside pole and took the lead down into turn one. He also led every single lap after that. Dealing with very little lap traffic through the race. Justin Grant stayed close through the majority of the race until Christopher Bell took second.

Bell, hot on Larson's trail, was starting to make in interesting when he biked the cushion and flipped multiple times. Ending his night.

On the final restart, Justin Grant had nothing for "Yung Money". Larson got a phenomenal restart and won easily over the rest of the field. After so many years of trying and getting his coveted win last year. Larson makes it easy and goes back to back.

-Lucas Halbert

A-Main Results (55 Laps):

1. (01) Kyle Larson [2], 2. (2J) Justin Grant [1], 3. (08) Tanner Thorson [11], 4. (71) Cannon McIntosh [4], 5. (21) Daryn Pittman [20], 6. (89) Chris Windom [14], 7. (17S) Ricky Stenhouse Jr [12], 8. (1R) Brad Sweet [19], 9. (1S) Spencer Bayston [15], 10. (39) Logan Seavey [17], 11. (39B) Cole Bodine [24], 12. (25X) Alex Bright [7], 13. (27W) Colby Copeland [23], 14. (84X) Christopher Bell [3], 15. (7C) Tyler Courtney [6], 16. (97) Rico Abreu [5], 17. (52) Blake Hahn [13], 18. (3G) Kyle Cummins [10], 19. (67) Buddy Kofoid [8], 20. (72) Chase Johnson [21], 21. (7X) Thomas Meseraull [9], 22. (21H) Brady Bacon [16], 23. (3N) Jake Neuman [22], 24. (49J) Joe B Miller [18]


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