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Kyle Larson takes the Weldon Sterner Memorial at Lincoln Speedway

PC: Lincoln Speedway via Twitter

Kyle Larson picked up the win on Wednesday night at Lincoln Speedway (PA) for the Weldon Sterner Memorial. Larson started on the outside of Rico Abreu on row number one. On the start he took off leaving the rest of the field behind. It looked like nobody had a chance through the first 29 laps.

Although a caution with 4 to go for Ian Madsen gave Lance Dewease and Abreu a glimpse of hope. That glimpse vanished quickly. Larson continued with great restarts and led the final 4 laps to win the Weldon Sterner Memorial. With the win "Yung Money" locks himself into the Dirt Classic VII for $20,000 to Win and $1,000 to Start on Saturday night at Lincoln.

Rico Abreu settles in second while Lance Dewease rounds out the podium. Brent Marks earned the Hard Charger after flipping in Qualifying. He was able to regather to start the A-Main 23rd and finish 9th.

Feature Results (33 Laps):

1. (57) Kyle Larson

2. (24) Rico Abreu

3. (69K) Lance Dewease

4. (87R) Aaron Reutzel

5. (39M) Anthony Marci

6. (11T) TJ Stutts

7. (51) Freddie Rahmer

8. (2M) Kerry Madsen

9. (5M) Brent Marks

10. (18) Giovanni Scelzi

11.(3Z) Brock Zearfoss

12.(48) Danny Dietrech

13. (88) Brandon Rahmer

14. (20) Tanner Thorson

15. (1X) Chad Trout

16. (19M) Landon Myers

17. (17) Ian Madsen

18. (69M) Brian Montieth

19. (87) Alan Krimes

20. (10X) Ryan Smith

21. (99M) Kyle Moody

22. (2W) Glendon Forsythe

23. (69) Tim Glatfelter

24. (21B) Brian Brown


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