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Lucas's Predictions for Showdown in Bean Town night 2

Last night my picks made me look pretty good. I did not pick the winner, Craig Ronk, but I still had a solid night. Two of my picks Tyler Rust and Aiden Purdue, locked into the A-Main tonight. Austin Schaeffer finished one spot out for 5th and Reece Saldana, my sleeper, finished 9th. All in all not a bad night for my first try. The racing was phenomenal last night and I can guarantee Jeremy and the rest of the crew will have the track just as good this evening. After sleeping on it and analyzing my picks for tonight I may change it up a little bit and keep the same drivers.


Craig Ronk was hooked up last night. He was head and shoulders above the rest of the field. Tyler Rust could not keep up through lap traffic or in clear track once Ronk got the lead. I do not like picking the winner from the night before, but as fast he was last night he has a great chance at taking home $3,000.

Here is where I am sticking to my guns. Tyler Rust, may not have kept up with Ronk but he was still fast the whole race. He never had trouble with anyone behind him to help lock himself into the feature tonight. Rust used his experience at the track to a T, I believe Rust has a good shot at $3,000 tonight.

I am sticking to my guns again. Young Aiden Purdue, he lost a spot and finished 4th last night but he ran third most of the race. Purdue is locked into the feature for tonight. This kid impresses me nearly every time I see him race, he is a rising star and he continues to prove it. Purdue knows what it is like to win big races at Wayne County and I say he wins it tonight.

My sleeper for this evening is Andrew Peters. Peters knows what it is like to win big events. A former Highbanks Hustle champion, Peters gained 10 positions last night to be the Hard Charger. Peters had no trouble passing cars in the caution less race. If he keeps it up and can start in the top 8 tonight. I see no reason why he cannot win $3K this evening.

-Lucas Halbert


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