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Max Adams Charges Late at Kern County to Win with the USAC/CRA Sprint Cars

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Bakersfield, CA (3/13/2021)... Max Adams made his pass for the win with eight to go on Saturday night at Kern County Raceway Park to close out the USAC/CRA opening weekend.

Brody Roa started third but was the only front runner to jump to the bottom on the start. The move was successful, and he would lead lap one.

Roa built his lead up to half of a straightway just six laps in. But a caution for Damion Gardner and Cody Williams halted him from extending it anymore. Gardner kept his spot in the lineup, but Williams had a flat and had to go to the work area. He was able to rejoin the field.

Roa reached the tail end of the field quickly but was unable to move past the last running car in a timely manner. Roa hit the cushion wrong in turn two and knocked the right rear off the wall.

Max Adams capitalized on Roa's mistake and closed in on the leader's tail tank.

Adams took his first peek at the lead through the middle in turns three and four with just nine to go.

The next time around, Adams pulled even with Roa down the backstretch. He went through the middle once again, this time sliding the #91R for the lead. Adams barely fit himself between a lap car and Roa.

Adams won the drag race to the line to take the lead, but the race was not over yet.

With six to go, the top two were still neck and neck. Matt McCarthy, who was getting ready to be put a lap down, breaks a left front shock and spins out. Adams makes contact but continues on.

On the restart, Adams, Roa, and Gardner evenly spaced themselves out, no one gaining on the other.

The white flag in the air and one to go, Adams has nothing to worry about. He wins at Kern County Raceway Park with the USAC/CRA Sprint Cars.

-Lucas Halbert

Feature Results (30 Laps):

1. (73) Max Adams, 2. (91R) Brody Roa, 3. (1) Damion Gardner, 4. (92) Austin Williams, 5. (37) Matt Mitchell, 6. (4G) Chris Green, 7. (17V) Danny Faria Jr., 8. (5x) Tommy Malcolm, 9. (47) Charles Davis Jr, 10. (21B) A.J. Bender, 11. (83) Austin Liggett, 12. (44) Cody Williams, 13. (29) Ryan Timmons, 14. (15) Rick Hendrix, 15. (99T) Tanner Boul, 16. (12B) Joel Rayborne, 17. (21) Austin Ervine, 18. (72) Austin Grabowski, 19. (4) Jake Hodges, 20. (11) Troy Rutherford, 21. (28M) Matt McCarthy, 22. (14AJ) Davey Ray


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