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McIntosh Holds Off Pursley at Virtual Eldora for USAC iRacing Midgets

Cannon McIntosh held off a last-lap slider from hot shoe Daison Pursley at virtual Eldora Speedway on Thursday night (4/30) for the USAC AMSOIL iRacing Challenge.

Pursley who has won the last 3 USAC iRacing races, started 21st after deciding to participate in the Back Row Challenge along with Logan Seavey, Aiden Purdue, and Tony Gualda. The prize for completing the challenge was $500, and then if you won the race you earned another $500.

Going into turn one on the final lap McIntosh took the high side leaving the opportunity for a slider from Pursley. He took the opportunity but did not succeed as McIntosh turned back under him to retake the lead.

Zeb Wise snuck under Pursley on the bottom through three and four to take home second place. Pursley, Seavey, and Gualda round out the top 5. The top 3 of McIntosh, Wise, Pursley are all Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports drivers. Daison Pursley earned another $100 for being the Hard Charger tonight, on top of $200 for finishing 3rd.

Feature Results (30 Laps):

1. (08) Cannon McIntosh

2. (71) Zeb Wise

3. (9) Daison Pursley

4. (19) Logan Seavey

5. (73) Tony Gualda

6. (5A) Anton Hernandez

7. (01) Carson Sousa

8. (69)Brady Bacon

9. (39BC) Aiden Purdue

10. (4) Justin Grant

11. (52) Isaac Chapple

12. (27) Evan Mosley

13. (38) Colby Johnson

14. (87) Ryan Bernal

15. (88) Kaidon Brown

16. (6) Mario Clouser

17. (4D) Robert Dalby

18. (3) Jake Neuman

19. (5) Kevin Thomas Jr.

20. (77) Joe Wirth

21. (25) Chase Johnson

22. (1) Korbyn Hayslett

23. (7BC) Tyler Courtney

24. (98X) Clinton Boyles

-Lucas Halbert

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