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Neuman Stays Steady to Top POWRi Midget Points

Photo by Jake Neuman Racing via Facebook

Jake Neuman currently sits atop the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League points standings. Neuman, a New Berlin, Illinois native, does not have a feature win yet, but he does lead the POWRi Midgets in top 10's and is tied for the top spot in features started with 11.

The only competitors near Neuman are teenager Cannon McIntosh and POWRi Midget regular, Ace McCarthy. McIntosh is currently 160 points back of Neuman while McCarthy only 30 points back of McIntosh. 300 points is up for grabs each night giving anyone a chance to gain on Jake Neuman.

Only three drivers have made all eleven features so far, those drivers are Jake Neuman, Ace McCarthy, and Zach Daum. Michael "Buddy" Kofoid leads the series in wins with 4 on the year in only 8 starts.

Last weekend a good one for Ace McCarthy, he captured a top 10 and two wins. His top 10 came at Humboldt Speedway (KS) where Cannon McIntosh was the victor. McCarthy's highlights of the weekend both came at Valley Speedway in Missouri.

The POWRi National Midgets are back in action on July 31 at Jacksonville Speedway (IL) for a full weekend of racing in Illinois. After Jacksonville, they travel to Macon Speedway (IL) on August 1 and their last stop is a Lincoln Speedway (IL) on the 2nd.


Wins: 4- Buddy Kofoid, 2- Cannon McIntosh, Ace McCarthy 1- Zach Daum, Justin Grant, Logan Seavey

Top 5’s: 7- Cannon McIntosh, 6- Buddy Kofoid, Jake Neuman, 5- Daison Pursley

Top 10’s: 10- Jake Neuman, 8- Cannon McIntosh, Daison Pursley 7- Ace McCarthy

May 23, 2020: Valley Speedway (MO)- Zach Daum

May 24, 2020: Valley Speedway (MO)- Justin Grant

May 29, 2020: I-44 Riverside Speedway (OK)- Logan Seavey

May 30, 2020: I-44 Riverside Speedway (OK)- Buddy Kofoid

May 31, 2020: Port City Raceway (OK)- Cannon McIntosh

June 12, 2020: Lake Ozark Speedway (MO)- Cannon McIntosh

June 13, 2020: Lake Ozark Speedway (MO)- Buddy Kofoid

June 26, 2020: Charleston Speedway (IL)- Buddy Kofoid

July 10, 2020: Humboldt Speedway (KS)- Buddy Kofoid

July 11, 2020: Valley Speedway (MO)- Ace McCarthy

July 12, 2020: Valley Speedway (MO)- Ace McCarthy

Top 10 (11 Races):

1. (3N) Jake Neuman- 2750

2. (71K) Cannon McIntosh- 2590 [-160]

3. (28) Ace McCarthy- 2560 [-190]

4. (67) Buddy Kofoid- 2250 [-500]

5. (5D) Zach Daum- 2250 [-500]

6. (9) Daison Pursley- 2140 [-610]

7. (15) Emerson Axsom- 2120 [-630]

8. (71) Kaylee Bryson- 1900 [-850]

9. (00) Trey Gropp- 1710 [-1040]

10. (72) Sam Johnson- 1560 [-1190]

-Lucas Halbert

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