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Port City Provides Superb Racing on Saturday Night, Flud Follows up $12K with Two Wins

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Port City Raceway held their weekly racing on Saturday night and it was as good as ever. Port City Raceway in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is known as one of the best micro sprint tracks in the United States. The 1/8th mile with nice banking provides great racing week in and week out. This Saturday, August 1st was no different. Frank Flud was able to pick up two wins tonight after winning $12,000 last weekend at Southern Illinois Raceway for the Highbanks Hustle. Recap and Results from features are below!

Junior Sprints

The first feature of the evening was the junior sprints and 15 laps around they went. In the end, it was youngster Lathe Griggs taking home the win for the second week in a row. Griggs led flag to flag en route to the victory.

Feature Results (15 Laps): 1. (0) Lathe Griggs, 2. (88P) Ayden Parrish, 3. (33) Sky Bartholomew, 4. (12C) Carter Sauer, 5. (2T) Tyler Crow, 6. (88K) Bryce Kujath, 7. (3) Blake Winkler, 8. (23J) Jace Wren, 9. (55K) Kayden Anderson, 10. (17C) Caleb Johannesen, 11. (14JR) Jaxon Nail; DNS- Owen Woltjer


The Masters class went to Thad Bennett. Bennett worked the bottom groove and took the lead from Jay Andrews near halfway. After winning his heat earlier in the evening Bennett would go on to take his Sawyer Chassis #5B to victory lane in the feature event.

Feature Results (15 Laps): 1. (5B) Thad Bennett, 2. (77) Jay Andrew, 3. (17) Lonnie Frailey, 4. (76C) Daniel Calvert, 5. (28B) Robby Bias, 6. (76) Ruben Morris, 7. (00G) Milton Goolsby, 8. (2) Harry Elzo, 9. (14JR) Bony Wofford Jr; DNS- Time Greene, Johnny Goolsby


Jason Tracy brought the A-Class feature event to the green flag. Frank Flud coming off of a huge $12K win last week at Southern Illinois Raceway moved up to 2nd quickly after starting 5th. Tracy started to pull away in lap traffic until a caution came out letting the field bunch back up. On the restart, Flud went to the top and was able to keep pace with Tracy. A lap later Flud was able to get a big run off of turn two and then made a diamond corner in turns three and four. This allowed Flud to sneak underneath Tracy for the lead heading down into turn one. Flud would go onto win the A-Class feature event. Coming from the B-Main and starting 15th in the feature was Kris Carroll. Carroll would go from 15th to 3rd to earn the hard charger of the race.

Feature Results (25 Laps): 1. (81) Frank Flud, 2. (25) Jason Tracy, 3. (36) Kris Carroll, 4. (11K) Shawn Mahaffey, 5. (3) Cole Robert, 6. (21K) Kobe Simpson, 7. (1H) Conner Lee, 8. (8R) Ryker Pace, 9. (12K) Kayla Ward, 10. (14) Blake Battles, 11. (101) KYlee Young, 12. (22RL) Gage Laney, 13. (33) Cody Barnes, 14. (23L) Tyler LaPointe, 15. (58) Phillip Fessler, 16. (93) Greg Emeterio Jr, 17. (22M) Rees Moran, 18. (88) Jason Adams, 19. (21G) Garth Kasiner; DNS- Grayson Gaddy


Kayden Cole took home the Restrictor class win. He did not win easily though, as he went three-wide for the lead with Jase Blevins and Aubrey Jo Sappington early in the race. He made it through on the outside with cleanly to take the lead. Cole would go onto win the race with no more close calls.

Feature Results (20 Laps): 1. (72) Kayden Cole, 2. (12G) Joshua Gentry, 3. (8) Jase Blevins, 4. (1B) Brian Bennett, 5. (4S) Aubrey Jo Sappington, 6. (77) Chase Wright, 7. (73) Chase McDougal, 8. (11) Kaley Mahaffey, 9. (16) Colt Holland, 10. (31) Try Bartholomew, 11. (52) Hayden Mabe


Kris Carroll got out to an early and nice sized lead over Frank Flud. As Carroll closed in on lap traffic Flud was able to close in on Carroll and apply hard pressure. The top 2 got into some heavy la traffic and Flud pulled a mini slide job on Carroll. Flud dived into the corner but did not slide high, all he did was cut off Carroll on entry. Flud started to get away when Carroll got together with a lapped car. He spun around and came to a stop, causing him to go the back of the field. Brock Berreth restarted second and pressured Flud but never let him extend his lead as Flud would double down on the night with the second win. He would also get his third win in two weeks and third win in as many different classes (Outlaw Wing, A-Class, Non-Wing). Curtis Jones gained 11 spots through the race to earn the hard charger award.

Feature Results (25 Laps): 1. (81) Frank Flud, 2. (10) Brock Berreth, 3. (3S) Shawn Mahaffey, 4. (25) Jason Tracym 5. (1H) Conner Lee, 6. (21) Jeremy Wickham, 7. (16N) Nigel Calvert, 8. (22) Curtis Jones, 9. (17) Hunter Fischer, 10. (3K) Kris Carroll, 11. (93) Greg Emeterio Jr, 12. (84) Isacc Barr, 13. (21K) Kobe Simpson, 14. (8X) Austin Shores, 15. (33) Cody Barnes, 16. (8R) Ryker Pace, 17. (00) Daniel Shaffer, 18. (11) Ryan Cody, 19. (59) Brody Mclaughlin, 20. (14R) Jake Nail


Dave Nicholson led the field to the green flag and held the lead through halfway. With 5 to go Justin Simpson started to close in on Nicholson. The two of them got together on the front stretch, with Simpson getting the better end of it and led then into turn one. Nicholson then spun Simpson in the middle of turn one with himself spinning right after. Nicholson had to restart at the end of the field on the restart while Simpson was given the lead. "Big Daddy" Justin Simpson had no trouble after the restart and would go onto win the Sportsman feature race.

Feature Results (20 Laps): 1. (92) Justin Simpson, 2. (52K) Kamiron Schoonover, 3. (08) Bobby McIntosh, 4. (4) Tom Paulson, 5. (22U) Todd Uber, 6. (6M) Troy Minton, 7. (88) Cale Crawford, 8. (P1) Jimmy Jewsbury, 9. (17) Dave Nicholson, 10. (19B) Keith Burton, 11. (16) Darrius Myers, 12. (II) Lewis Manning II, 13. (12) Dylan Alexander; DNS- Randy Myers, Raymond Hill, Larry Martinez

Outlaw Wing

Pole-sitter Delaney Jost jumped out to the lead and sustained it through halfway. On a late restart, Jeffery Newell started to apply pressure all over Jost, trying to get around her and high and low. Newell was able to cut underneath the female driver in turn one to take the lead. But a cation was thrown before the lap was official, giving the lead back to Jost. With 4 to go Newell threw a slider on Jost and completed it taking the lead for good. Newell would lead the final 3 laps and win the final race of the night at Port City Raceway.

Feature Results (25 Laps): 1. (12) Jeffery Newell, 2. (22M) Rees Moran, 3. (25J) Delaney Jost, 4. (93) Matt Carr, 5. (3) Cole Roberts, 6. (8R) Ryker Pace, 7. (21) Jeremy Wickham, 8. (43) Spenser Mason, 9. (23L) Tyler LaPointe, 10. (8B) Cody Barnes, 11. (22RL) Gage Laney, 12. (17S) Baron Silva, 13. (14) Blake Battles, 14. (21G) Garth Kasiner, 15. (51) Paul Hendrix; DNS-Danny James

-Lucas Halbert

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