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Pursley Boogies Down to the Bottom to Win Again for POWRi iRacing Midgets

Daison Pursley is on another groove right now. He has now won two POWRi iRacing Midgets Leauge races in a row, and three USAC iRacing events in a row. Tuesday night (4/29) he won his second in a row for the POWRi iRacing Midget League at Lanier National Raceplex.

Pole sitter Robert Dalby took an early lead until he slipped up on a mid-race restart. Always fast Aiden Purdue took the lead and held on many restarts while the rest of the field could not quite get going. Once everyone got going Pursley started to challenge Purdue, exchanging leads multiple times at the stripe.

Pursley got a run off the high side just barley edging out in front of Purdue when another caution came out. Pursley jumped out to a lead but wasn't comfortable long as Jacob Denney working the bottom began to close on him. Realizing the quicker line Pursley boogied on down to the bottom for the rest of the race. Denney held on to finish second while coming all the way from 20th was Riley Emig to finish third. The next POWRi iRacing Midget League race is next Tuesday night (5/5) at virtual Eldora Speedway.

Feature Results:

1. (09) Daison Pursley

2. (7) Jacob Denney

3. (47) Riley Emig

4. (42) Emerson Axsom

5. (49) Anton Hernandez

6. (1) Trevor Holman

7. (16) Stefan Sidur

8. (21) Karter Sarff

9. (43) Robert Mancini

10. (19) Mason Magee

11. (4) Robert Dalby

12. (97) Jesse Love

13. (23) Bryce Dues

14. (3) Jake Neuman

15. (52) Aiden Purdue

16. (83) Chance Crum

17. (48) Kenny Miller

18. (06) Rylan Gray

19. (8) Jake Trainor

20. (11) Will Armitage

21. (5) Ryan Timms

22. (9) James Tiernan

23. (07) Tyler Chalk

24. (14) Jake Erickson

-Lucas Halbert

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