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Pursley Gets Third USAC iRacing Win in a Row This Time at Eldora

Daison Pursley has won not 1, not 2, but 3 USAC iRacing events in a row! The 15 year old Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports midge driver has been on fire lately. His hot streak started on April 11 at virtual Fairbury American Legion Speedway, then traveled to Williams Grove Speedway on April 16. Thursday night (4/23) he did no slowing down and won his third USAC iRace in a row at Eldora Speedway this time in a sprint car. To make this feat more astonishing, Pursley also won the POWRi Midget iRace Tuesday night (4/21).

Pursley had to fight off tough challengers Logan Seavey and Aiden Purdue on a green-white-checkered to secure the win. He found the high side and rode it to victory, only beating Seavey by 0.988 seconds. Zeb Wise came all the way from the D-Main to finish 4th in the Feature. Carson Sousa finished 5th to round out the top five. After starting 24th and finishing 6th, Connor Leoffler attains the Hard Charger Award.

Feature Results:

1. (9) Daison Pursley

2. (19AZ) Logan Seavey

3. (39BC) Aiden Purdue

4. (11) Zeb Wize

5. (01) Carson Sousa

6. (22) Conner Leoffler

7. (08) Cannon McIntosh

8. (3) Jake Neuman

9. (9K) Kevin Thomas Jr

10. (34) Jake Swanson

11. (38) Colby Johnson

12. (12) Trey Robb

13. (4) Justin Grant

14. (52) Isaac Chapple

15. (53) Brayden Fox

16. (5) Anton Hernandez

17. (88) Kaidon Brown

18. (98X) Clinton Boyles

19. (71) Joel Rayborne

20. (73) Tony Gualda

21. (4D) Robert Dalby

22. (33) Ronnie Wuerdeman

23. (61) Stephen Schnapf

24. (69) Brady Bacon

-Lucas Halbert

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