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Pursley Wins Close One at virtual Tulsa Expo Center for the POWRi Midget iRacing League

Daison Pursley barley took home the win Tuesday night (4/21) at the virtual Tulsa Expo Center after beating Jayden Wolf by only 0.168 seconds. Pursley had been fast all night long as he had Quick Time in qualifying and won his heat. Wolf found the faster line than Pursley late, as he past several cars in the closing laps but ran out of time. Jefferey Denney after batting with Cannon McIntosh most of the race placed third to round out the podium.

The next POWRi Midget iRacing League race is next Tuesday (4/27) at virtual Lainer National Speedway. The race is open registration with 64 spots avaliable, lobby will open 7 P.M for those wanting to enter. You can watch on POWRi.TV or on Facebook or Twitter (@POWRiTV).

Feature Results:

1. (09) Daison Pursley

2. (24) Jayden Wolf

3. (8) Jeffrey Denney

4. (71) Cannon McIntosh

5. (23) Ethan Bill

6. (9) James Tiernan

7. (42) Emerson Axsom

8. (40) Chase McDermand

9. (54) Trey Gropp

10. (4) Robert Dalby

11. (22) Jake Trainor

12. (14) Stefan Sidur

13. (17) Christian Bruno

14. (37) Aiden Purdue

15. (21) Karter Sarff

16. (111) Brian Bennett

17. (97) Jesse Love

18. (20) Brennan Rogers

19. (11) Ryan Timms

-Lucas Halbert

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