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Rogers Edges Out Pursley at Virtual Eldora for POWRi Midgets

Brennan Rogers barely inched out young lead foot Daison Pursley, Tuesday evening (5/5) at virtual Eldora Speedway.

Pole-sitter Chase McDermand led the field the first half of the race until Rogers put a slider on him at the halfway point. Pursley quickly got around McDermand and then Rogers and Pursley separated themselves from the rest of the group.

Pursley slowly reeled in Rogers over the next thirteen laps. But with 6 to go, Rogers, took the slider line while Pursley went opposite and turned underneath to shorten up the second corner. Pursley took the lead going down the backstretch.

The one thing Pursley and Rogers did not want to see was a caution, but that is what they saw with 4 to go. On the restart of a green-white-checkered, Pursley held the lead in one and two, then here came Rogers. The No. 20 threw a slider on Pursley in three and four that deemed successful heading to the white flag.

Venturing through the first two corners, Pursley took the bottom while Rogers started high then turned down hoping to get a run. Both took a low line down the backstretch and through sliders into three. Rogers threw his slide job a little bit deeper than Pursley, and the two turned down exiting turn four. Rogers with a little more momentum beat Pursley by half a car length. McDermand held on to third for the final podium spot.

You can watch the replay race on Facebook at POWRiTV!

-Lucas Halbert

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