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Stewart Friesen Takes Lead Late to Win Diamond State 50

PC: Halmar Racing

Delmar, Delaware (4/27/2021)... Stewart Friesen started ninth and worked his way into the top five fairly easy, but getting the lead and winning came with challenges.

Matt Sheppard took the lead from the get-go and led the first lap. He didn't get much of a chance to build up an early lead as a caution came out for Michael Mareska.

Billy Pauch Jr grabbed second from Anthony Perrego on the restart and challenged Sheppard for the next couple of laps till the #9 was able to pull away.

By lap 15, Stewart Friesen had made his way into fourth and quickly closed in on Perrego for third. The third caution of the evening came out for Brandon Grosso on lap 21, halted Friesen's charge.

Within four laps of the restart, Sheppard had built up his lead to nearly half of a straightaway. That didn't last long though. 25 down and 25 to go, Anthony Perrego decided it was time to go. He battled with Billy Pauch Jr for almost five laps before he took over the second position. Not long after and wasting no time, Friesen made contact with Pauch to pass him for third.

Perrego continued his charge for the top spot as Sheppard closed in lap traffic. Sheppard's lead was once half a straightaway, now half a car length. Perrego was getting ready to make his move when Ryan Riddle broke right in front of the top two.

On the restart, Friesen made his move on Perrego for second. This time, Sheppard wasn't able to build up a comfortable lead as Friesen stayed close in case of a mistake by Sheppard.

With eight laps to go, Sheppard slid a tick high, and Friesen capitalized. New leader, Stewart Friesen.

Friesen led the final eight laps to win the 'Diamond State 50' at Delaware International Speedway. The win was his 28th Short Track Super Series victory.

-Lucas Halbert

Feature Results (50 Laps):

  1. (44) Stewart Friesen

  2. (9) Matt Sheppard

  3. (35) Mike Mahaney

  4. (44) Anthony Perrego

  5. (1c) Craig VonDohren

  6. (96) Billy Pauch Jr

  7. (26) Ryan Godown

  8. (2A) Mike Gular

  9. (1) Tyler Dippel

  10. (126) Dominick Buffalino

  11. (20) Dave Schilling

  12. (14W) Ryan Watt

  13. (32) Brandon Grosso

  14. (4) Andy Bachetti

  15. (30) Joeseph Watson

  16. (65) HJ Bunting

  17. (74W) John Willman

  18. (B52) Brandon Hightower

  19. (31) Ryan Riddle

  20. (91) Carson Wright

  21. (18) Jordan Watson

  22. (11) Danny Hieber

  23. (33) Brad Trice

  24. (401) Frank Cozze

  25. (6) Matt Stangle

  26. (12k) Mike Maresca

  27. (4w) Brandon Watkins


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