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“Sunshine” Tyler Courtney Captures First ASCoC Win at I-96

📸: Chad Warner Photography

Lake Odessa, Michigan (5/14/2021)... After running just a few wing Sprint Car races in 2020, Tyler Courtney and Clauson-Marshall Racing made the decision to go full time in 2021 with the FloRacing All Star Circuit of Champions. It only thirteen races for “Sunshine” to break through for his first career win.

Courtney started sixth and carefully made his way through the top five. Once he was able to restart behind Ian Madsen, it was game over for the rest of the field.


Ian Madsen started on the pole with Cory Eliason on his outside.

Madsen took the early lead while Eliason and Bill Balog battled for second. The two traded sliders for a couple laps before Paul McMahan made his way into the scene.

As the war waged on McMahan closed within a car length. Balog turned down out of turn four, lining up a run into turn one. Little did he know, McMahan was to his inside.

The two made contact, causing the left front tire to go down on the No. 17B. Fortunately for Balog his team was able to change the left front in time to rejoin the field.

Green flag racing resumed and Ian Madsen rocketed out to the lead. Eliason continued to run second as Tyler Courtney began to challenge for the second position.

The bad luck struck the Rudeen Racing #26, Cory Eliason had a shredded right rear.

Courtney took over second and applied pressure to Madsen right away on the restart. Madsen chose to go down low while Courtney went high. He shot around the outside to the lead out of turn two.

Madsen threw a slider in turns three and four but “Sunshine“ drove around Madsen to officially take the lead on lap 14.

Courtney was able to hold off Madsen through one more caution and the final few laps to pick up his first ASCoC win.

Cap Henry earned the hard charger award after gaining ten spots in the feature to finish seventh.

-Lucas Halbert

Feature Results (30 Laps):

1. (7BC) Tyler Courtney, 2. (11) Ian Madsen, 3. (13) Justin Peck, 4. (5) Paul McMahan, 5. (24) Rico Abreu, 6. (11) Zeb Wise, 7. (4) Cap Henry, 8. (55) Hunter Schuerenburg, 9. (71H) Ryan Ruhl, 10. (91) Kyle Reinhardt, 11. (67) Buddy Kofoid, 12. (97) Cale Thomas, 13. (65) Thomas Goldesberry, 14. (2) Ricky Peterson, 15. (85) Dustin Daggett, 16. (21BP) Brinten Marvel, 17. (73) Scotty Thiel, 18. (8M) TJ Michael, 19. (W20) Gregg Wilson, 20. (26) Cory Eliason, 21. (17B) Bill Balog, 22. (23) Russel Borland, 23. (41) Thomas Schinderle, 24. (22M) Dan McCarron


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