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These Tracks Missed the Rain This Weekend, Weekend Winners: May 15-17

Updated: May 19, 2020

Photo from, Clint Bowyer Racing

Fairfield, Ill. (May 17, 2020) Lots of rain washed out many tracks this weekend, but the tracks below survived. Youngster Emerson Axsom doubled down at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex and Brady Bacon picked up a couple wins as well at Port City. Jimmy Owens and Brad Sweet both took home nice pay days too. Another busy weekend in racing gives us winners from across the country, here are this weekend's, Weekend Winners.

Track (State): Class/Winner

May 15

Night 1 Cardinal Speedway (NM): Stock 4/Yunger Spalding, IMCA Hobby Stocks/Cory Stone, IMCA Modifieds/Jordan Grabouski, IMCA Sport Mods/Cory Williams, IMCA Stocks/Cary White

Casper Speedway (WY): IMCA Modifieds/Tony Leiker, WISSOTA Midwest Mods/Troy Leiker, WISSOTA Mod Four/Dustin Holtquist, Dwarf/Stephen Tygard, Hobby Stocks/Dave Taylor, Mini Stocks/Jason Kegler

Cedar Lake Speedway (WI): Traditional Sprint/Scott Brandt, Non Wing 360 Sprints/Scott Brandt

Crawford County Speedway (IA): Hobby Stocks/Jason Fusselman, Modifieds/Brandon Schmitt, Sport Compacts/Dillon Richards, Sport Mods/Josh Most, Stock Cars/Dallon Murty, Tri-State Late Models/Bill Leighton Jr

Davenport Speedway (IA): Sport Compacts/Mitch Bielenberg, IMCA Late Models/Nick Marolf, IMCA Modifieds/Justin Kay, IMCA Sport Mods/Gage Neal, Street Stocks/Jeff Struck Jr

Night 1 Fairgrounds Speedway (CO): Non Wing Micros/Troy Morris III, Dwarfs Mod Lites/Devin Breese, IMCA Hobby Stocks/Joshua Cordova, IMCA Modifieds/Zane DeVilbiss, IMCA Northern SportMods/Jason Nation, IMCA Southern SportMods/Timothy Ihnen, IMCA Sport Compacts/Jim Klokke, IMCA Stock Cars/Steffan Carey, Youth Sport Compacts/Dakota Carpenter

Five Flags Speedway (FL): Outlaws/John Heil, Pro Trucks/Steven Davis, Sportsmen/Hunter Lambert, Pure Stock/Daryl McDonald

Night 1 I-35 Speedway (MO): USRA B-Mods/Kris Jackson, USRA Modifieds/Darron Fuqua, Pure Stock/Nate Barnes, Sport Compacts/John Willard, Economy Mods/Justin Asher, USRA Stock Cars/Gary Donaldson

Night 1 Jackson Motorplex (MN): 410 Wing Sprints/Brad Sweet **Night 2 Rained Out**

KC Raceway (MO): Non Wing/Ryan Timms, Outlaw Non Wing/Emerson Axsom, Outlaw Wing/Emerson Axsom, A Class/Garet Williamson, Jr Sprint/Kyle Heflin, Resrictor/Jack Thomas, Sportman/Jeff Ballenger, Mod Lites/Jess Wright

Magnolia Motor Speedway (MS): Super Late Models/Jimmy Owens, Late Model Sportsman/Brett White **RAIN, MOVED FROM 14th to 15th**

Millbridge Speedway (NC): DNQ Karting Series- Cup Series/Jason Denney, Dash Series/Joey Gase, Pro Cup/Scott Zurawski, World 100 Series/Daniel Armstrong

Mississippi Thunder Speedway (WI): Hornets/Armond Love, USRA B-Mods/Shaun Walski, USRA Hobby Stocks/Chris Hovden, USRA Late Models/Lance Hofer, USRA Modifieds/Dan Ebert, Late Models/Jake Timm

Rapid Speedway (IA): Sportsman/Marni DeBoer, USRA B-Mods/Kaleb Modder, USRA Hobby Stocks/Dustin Gullbrandson, USRA Stock Cars/Elijah Zevenbergen

Southern Raceway (FL): USCS Sprint Cars/Mark Smith, Wing Micros/Bobby Zaiontz, IMCA Modifieds/Justin Galbreath, Stinger/Brandin Sidner, Pure Stock/Addie Mabire, Slingshots/Abbey Cauley

Sports Park Raceway (IA): USRA B-Mods/Ty Griffith, USRA Hobby Stocks/Eric Stanton, USRA Modifieds/Duke Erickson, USRA Stock Cars/ Cole Mather, USRA Tuners/John Gill

May 16

311 Motor Speedway (NC): UMP Modifieds/Christan Thomas, Limited Late Models/Willie Milliken, 604 Late Models/Justin Williams, 602 Late Models/Jamison McBride, Mideast Modifieds/Buck Stevens, UCAR/Daniel Wright, Stock 4/Timmy Mills

411 Motor Speedway (TN): Super Late Models/Jimmy Owens

Boone Speedway (IA): Mod Lites/Mike Kennedy, IMCA Hobby Stocks/Jack Phillips, IMCA Modifieds/Ricky Thornton Jr, IMCA Sport Mods/Johnathon Logue, IMCA Stock Cars/Anthony Hofbauer

Boyd's Speedway (GA): Super Late Models/Jordan Rodabaugh, Crate Late Models/Ethan Hunter, Sportsman/Colton Jackson, Open Wheel Modifieds/Scotte Hiett, Driver Development/Colsen Cochran

Night 2 Cardinal Speedway (NM): IMCA Hobby Stock/Kenneth Seay, IMCA Modifieds/Cory Davis, IMCA Sport Mods/Tyler Cook, IMCA Stocks/Caleb Stone, Stock 4/Yunger Spalding

Cherokee Speedway (SC): 604 Crate Late Models/John Ruggiero Jr, V-8 Outlaws/Monk Gulledge, Street Stock/Damon Crump, Stock 4/Brayden Pruitt, Extreme 4/Travis Lankford, Young Guns/AJ Barker, Thunder Bomber/Steve Greene

Devils Lake Speedway (ND): Non Wing Sprints/Jon Lewerer, WISSOTA Midwest Mods/Preston Carr, WISSOTA Street Stocks/Todd Carter, Pure Stock/Alex Tvedt

Night 2 Fairgrounds Speedway (CO): Dwarfs Mod Lites/Zac Foster, IMCA Hobby Stocks/Steve Bitting Jr, IMCA Modifieds/Tyler Stevens, IMCA Northern SportMods/Matt Sanders, IMCA Southern SportMods/Luke McCormick, IMCA Sport Compacts/Billy Ayres Jr, IMCA Stock Cars/Zane DeVilbiss, NOW600 Micros/Troy Morris III, Youth Sport Compacts/Waylon Hale

Hickory Motor Speedway (NC): Late Models/Josh Berry, Limited Late Models/John Koseek, Renegades/Gary Ledbetter

Night 2 I-35 Speedway (MO): Midwest Limited Late Models/Kerry Davis, USRA B-Mods/Jake Richards, USRA Modifieds/Darron Fuqua, USRA Stock Cars/Doug Keller

I-37 Speedway (TX): Limited Late Models/Frank Okruhlik, USRA Factory Stocks/GW Hessong, USRA Limited Mods/Brian Rye, IMCA Modifieds/Rick Green, Texas Dirt Truck Series/Ryan Doyon, USRA Tuners/Brian Schoenbaum Jr

Lake View Motor Speedway (SC): INEX Legends/Jacob Owens, Mid East Mods/Jeff Robinson, Street Stocks/Tom Lovett, Sport Compacts/Derek Kemper, Mod Lites/Morgan Johnson

Lancaster Motor Speedway (SC): Lightning Late Models/Timbo Mangum, Crate Sportsman/Hunter Funderburke, Renegade/Brandy Baker, Pure Stock/Pebo Johnson, Extreme 4/Brad McManus, Thunder Bomber/Seth Outlaw

Night 1 Port City Raceway (OK): Jrs/Brody McClelland, A-Class/Frank Flud, Restricted/Kayden Kole, Non Wing/Conner Lee, Sportsman/Drew Sawyer, Outlaw/Ryan Timms, Masters/Thad Bennett **Races moved back one night to do weather**

Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex (MO): Outlaw Wing/Emerson Axsom, Outlaw Non Wing/Emerson Axsom, Non Wing/Xavier Doney, Sportsman/Eric Perkins, Restrictors/Tyler Kuykendall, A-Class/Garret Hulsey, Jrs/Landon Jesina

May 17

Lucas Oil Speedway (MO): ULMA Late Models/Kaeden Cornell, USRA B-Mods/Kris Jackson, USRA Modifieds/Robbie Reed, Street Stocks/Derek Brown

Night 2 Port City Raceway (OK): Non Wing/Avery Goodman, A Class/Brady Bacon, Restricted/Kayden Cole, Jr Sprints/Carter Sauer, Sportsman/Randy Myers, Outlaw/Brady Bacon, Masters/Tim Greene

-Lucas Halbert

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