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Thorson Survives Late Cautions to Win at Red Dirt Raceway

Photo by DB3 Inc.

Tanner Thorson survives three late cautions to win on Tuesday night at Red Dirt Raceway (OK) for the USAC National Midgets. The win makes it Thorson's 17th USAC National Midget win of his career and his 4th of the year.

Thorson got out to a good start and so did the young Cannon McIntosh. McIntosh moved from fourth to third before a lap 2 flip from Kaylee Bryson. When racing resumed McIntosh, using the bottom, took the lead on lap four before Thorson took it right back.

A twenty-six lap green flag run allowed Thorson to build up a big lead, until a caution with 3 to go for Tanner Carrick. After two more cautions from Trey Gropp and Sam Johnson, Thorson was able to get the last three laps in to capture the win. Tyler Courtney finished second and veteran Jerry Coons Jr. worked the bottom to round out the podium. The Hard Charger award went to Jonathan Beason for gaining 10 spots throughout the feature, he started 18th and worked his way up to 8th.


Quick Time: Tyler Courtney-13.108

Heat Winners: 1. Jerry Coons Jr, 2. Tyler Thomas, 3. Sam Johnson, 4. Cannon McIntosh

Feature Results (30 Laps):

1. (19) Tanner Thorson [1]

2. (7BC) Tyler Courtney [6]

3. (85) Jerry Coons Jr. [8]

4. (67) Buddy Kofoid [5]

5. (89) Chris Windom [3]

6. (15) Emerson Axsom [11]

7. (71K) Cannon McIntosh [4]

8. (8J) Jonathan Beason [18]

9. (91T) Tyler Thomas [9]

10. (82) Andrew Layser [10]

11. (4) Robert Dalby [20]

12. (9) Daison Pursley [13]

13. (19m) Ethan Mitchell [2]

14. (72) Sam Johnson [7]

15. (39BC) Cole Bodine [17]

16. (35) Tanner Carrick [15]

17. (00) Trey Gropp [14]

18. (22x) Steven Shebester [12]

19. (7) Shannon McQueen [22]

20. (7MF) Chance Morton [21]

21. (71) Kaylee Bryson [16]

22. (28) Ace McCarthy [19]

-Lucas Halbert

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