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Tres Mehler Collects First HART Series Win at Coles County

Mattoon, Illinois (August 7, 2020) Oblong, Illinois native Tres Mehler collected his first-ever PureMax Racing Oil HART Non-Wing Micro Series win at Coles County Speedway (IL) on Friday night.

After starting 4th, Mehler passed veteran driver Daniel Robinson early on in the feature. Mehler used the upper groove most of the night and used it to help overtake Robinson for the lead. After taking the lead Mehler had to survive several cations en route to the victory and $500.

The battle for second was hot all night long. Koert Mehler, Tres's brother, battled Zac Taylor and HART Series points leader, Jake Cheatham, throughout the race. Making his HART Series debut was Taylor, who proved to be the fastest of the three and finished runner up to winner Tres Mehler.

Robinson slipped back to finish 5th, while young Kameron Romack climbed up to finish 6th.

The night was phenomenal, the weather was great and got even better with two grooves of racing coming into play as the night went on.

The PureMax Racing Oil HART Non-Wing Micro Series next race is back at the nation's oldest micro track of Coles County Speedway on Friday, August 21st. To finish up the M & M weekend as its called with Mattoon and Marion. The HART Series will be at the Highbanks of Southern Illinois Raceway on Saturday, August 22nd.

-Lucas Halbert


Feature Results (25 Laps):

1. (3M) Tres Mehler [4], 2. (44T) Zac Taylor [5], 3. (38M) Koert Mehler [6], 4. (71) Jake Cheatham [3], 5. (7) Daniel Robinson [1], 6. (4R) Kameron Romack [10], 7. (12K) Kody Kaiser [9], 8. (13) Austin Ricketts [16], 9. (18) Michael Brummit [7], 10. (1X) J.B. Gilbert [11], 11. (4) Wyatt Walters [2], 12. (18F) Steve Finn [19], 13. (19M) Denver Musgrave [8], 14. (6) Cliff Powell [12], 15. (7A) Will Armitage [18], 16. (5) Austin Hawkins [20], 17. (41) Alex Burgener [14], 18. (28J) Troy Jacobs [13], 19. (101) Tobias Midkiff [16], DQ-Alex Midkiff

B-Main (12 Laps, Top 4 Transfer):

1. Alex Midkiff, 2. Will Armitage, 3. Steve Finn, 4. Austin Hawkins, 5. Scott McDaniel, 6. Hunter Allee, DNS-Kenton Brewer, Matt Diercks

Heat 1 (10 Laps):

1. Zach Taylor, 2. Jake Cheatham, 3. Koert Mehler, 4. Michael Brummit, 5. Alex Burgener, 6. Will Armitage, 7. Steve Finn, 8. Alex Midkiff

Heat 2 (10 Laps):

1. Daniel Robinson, 2. Kody Kaiser, 3. Cliff Powell, 4. Kameron Romack, 5. Austin Ricketts, 6. Scott McDaniel, 7. Matt Diercks, 8. Hunter Allee

Heat 3 (10 Laps):

1. Wyatt Walters, 2. Tres Mehler, 3. J.B. Gilbert, 4. Denver Musgrave, 5. Tobias Midkiff, 6. Troy Jacobs, 7. Austin Hawkins, 8. Kenton Brewer

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