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Tyler Courtney Leads the USAC National Midgets Through Five Races

“Sunshine” Tyler Courtney leads the USAC National Midgets through five races. He currently has a 6 point lead over Chris Windom. The two veterans have separated themselves from the rest of the competition as third in points is rookie Buddy Kofoid, 48 points behind Windom. The next race for the USAC National Midgets is at Paragon Speedway (IN) on June 16 to kick off Indiana Midget Week.

February 7, 2020: Bubba Raceway Park (FL)- Tanner Thorson

February 8, 2020: Bubba Raceway Park(FL)- Chris Windom

March 7, 2020: Southern Illinois Center (IL)- Tanner Thorson

May 22, 2020: Port City Raceway (OK)- Tyler Courtney

May 23, 2020: Port City Raceway (OK)- Justin Grant

Top 20- 5 Races:

1. Tyler Courtney-349

2. Chris Windom-343

3. (R) Buddy Kofoid-295

4. Tanner Thorson-294

5. Andrew Layser-285

6. Cannon McIntosh-281

7. Kevin Thomas Jr-277

8. Cold Bodine-254

9. (R) Daison Pursley-244

10. Tanner Carrick-240

11. Logan Seavey-218

12. Justin Grant-187

13. Tyler Thomas-148

14. Robert Dalby- 123

15. Zeb Wise-121

16. Thomas Meseraull-110

17. Jerry Coons Jr-85

18. Ethan Mitchell-83

19. Jesse Cowell, Ace McCarthy-80

-Lucas Halbert

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