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Wayne County Opens Season with a Bang on Saturday Night

Photos by 357 Studios/357's World of Dirt

Wayne City, Ill. (6/29/20) Wayne County Speedway (IL) opened their season on Saturday night and it was epic. 86 cars signed in to battle around the 1/8th mile bullring. The Non-Wing Outlaws fought for $750 and put on one heck of a show. Also on the card for the evening were Wing Outlaw Micros, Jr Sprints, Restrictors, A-Class, Mod Lites/Dwarfs, and Lightning Sprints/D-2 Midgets. Below is the recap of each feature and the next race at Wayne County is next weekend, the Showdown in Bean Town for $3,000 to Win for Wing Outlaw. Last year Frank Galusha took home the win.

Non-Wing Outlaws

Daniel Robinson started on the pole with 22 Non-Wing cars behind him. Robinson got out to an early lead and sustained a nice one until he entered lap traffic. Once he got into lap traffic J.B. Gilbert and Tyler Rust started to close in. As soon as both were starting to apply pressure a caution came out for a car that spun right in front of the leaders. Everyone made it through and was ready to go for a short dash to the finish. Rust who was able to get around Gilbert for second before the caution never let Robinson get far on the restart. Robinson stayed strong and took home the win and $750. Mattison Lienemann gained 7 positions through the feature to earn the Hard Charger award.

Feature Results:

1. (22) Daniel Robinson [1], 2. (10) Tyler Rust [3], 3. (17) J.B. Gilbert [2], 4. (44TX) Austin Schaeffer [4], 5. (18) Micahel Brummit [5], 6. (11R) Ryan Criswell [12], 7. (96) Alex Burgener [7], 8.(22M) Darrel Moser Jr [9], 9. (11B) Colton Booten [8], 10. (4R) Kameron Romack [15], 11. (85) Cale Goodwin [11], 12. (4D) Matt Diercks [10], 13. (55) Charlie Heck [13], 14. (20M) Mattison Lienemann [21], 15. (20V) Mike Vallette [16], 16. (5K) Koale Culp [18], 17. (3K) Dale Kinsell [17], 18. (4) Wyatt Walters [19], 19. (24) Weston Berner [6]-DNF, 20. (54) Robert Tidabach [14]-DNF, 21. (20B) Bobby Bazan-DNF, DNS-Scott McDaniel


Jaxton Wiggs has terrorized the competition this year at Southern Illinois Raceway and it was no different at Wayne County on Saturday night. Wiggs started on the pole and took off from the rest of the pack. After prevailing on multiple restarts, Wiggs would go onto win by a half straightaway. Clayton Apple went from 9th to 3rd to earn the Hard Charger for the Restrictors feature.

Feature Results:

1. (71) Jaxton Wiggs [1], 2. (1B) Lane Burnett [3], 3. (6) Clayton Apple [9], 4. (17S) Brody Strong [6], 5. (24) Kameron Sneed [2], 6. (64) Caleb Sutherland [4], 7. (21B) Sam Morthland [4], 8. (10B) Braden Pheiffer [5], 9. (22) Max Moser [10], 10. (4B) Parker Baumeyer [7]

Mod Lites/Dwarfs

Greg Hays started on the pole with Matt Filkins on his outside. Filkins slipped back ti 4th quickly as he tried to get something going on the upper part of the track while Hays started to separate himself from the rest of the field. Filkins started to get it figured out and moved up to 2nd but could not reel in Hays for the lead. A caution came out with just less than 5 to go allowing the field to regroup and have a shot at the win. On the restart, Hays went back to the bottom, and Filkins back up top to try and build up some momentum. Coming to the white flag Filkins was only half car length back and really starting to pick up speed. In turns, three and four Filkins sent it and carried the left front all the way through the corner and coming out of four. The top paid off and Filkins would fly around Hays coming off of turn four for the win.

Feature Results:

1. (07) Matt Flikins [2], 2. (5*) Greg Hays [1], 3. (4) Brian Nance [7], 4. (88) Dustin Ledbetter [3], 5. (KO) Chad Kirkpatrick [6], 6. (40) Vince Conway [5], 7. (78) Michael Schnoffner [8], 8. (25) Robert Halbrook [9], 9. (8) Brad Norman [4], 10. (17) Cliff Dunn [10]

Jr Sprints

Eli Holden led flag to flag to capture the Jr Sprint feature win. The youngster drove his heart out with Aiden Robinson being in the neighborhood the whole time.

Feature Results:

1. (5E) Eli Holden [1], 2. (57R) Aiden Robinson [2], 3. (71C) Noah Chitwood [3]


Gunner Shroyer led the field to the green flag and led early until came Adyn Schmidt started to reel Shroyer in. Shroyer and Schmidt swapped the lead multiple times trading sliders. Shroyer prevailed and was coming out of turn four for the win when a caution came out. On the restart, Shroyer rocketed away from Schmidt to secure the win.

Feature Results:

1. (44) Gunner Shroyer [1], 2. (82) Aydn Schmidt [5], 3. (22) Landon Baldwin [7], 4. (3K) Dale Kinsell [3], 5. (X1) Chad Despain [8], 6. (22H) Chris Scott [4], 7. (71) Jaxton Wiggs [6], 8. (59) Damon Heck [12], 9. (55K) Dylan Kaufman [11], 10. (54) Seth Duty [10], 11. (5J) Jacob Jones [9], 12. (01H) Wylee Hinkle [2], 13. (69) Brian Duty [13]

Lightning Sprints/D-2 Midgets

Cody Beard started on the pole and used the bottom early to hold the lead. Mike Miles started dead last in 12th and made his way into the top 5 within the first few laps. Doug Johnson who was running second began to pressure Beard for the lead until the two got together in turns one and two causing Johnson to spin. Jeff Schindler threw a slider on the restart to take the lead away from Beard. Mike Miles who had been waiting in the top 5 patiently, moved his way into second with laps winding down. Coming to the white flag Schindler and Miles were dead even at the line. Miles who used the high line all race long used the momentum to take the lead down the backstretch. Miles would win after starting dead last in 12th. He also earns Hard Charger after his performance.

Feature Results:

1. (39M) Mike Miles [12], 2. (88X) Jeff Schindler [5], 3. (19B) Drandon Deputy [7], 4. (7) Cody Beard [1], 5. (26) Keith Langley [6], 6. (28) Raymond Holden [10], 7. (4K) Kayla Roell [8], 8. (8E8) Ethan Rutherford [3], 9. (99) Dean Parker [4], 10. (77A) Aaron Roell [11], 11. (27M) Dennis Milligan [9], 12. (9) Doug Johnson [2]

Wing Outlaws

On the start, pole-sitter Aydn Schmidt and Devin Feger went at it, trading sliders and swapping the lead multiple times. A caution then waved for Robert Tidabach. Schmidt took off on the restart flying around the cushion building a lead. At the halfway point Schmidt had built himself a full straightaway lead. With 5 to go Austin Schaeffer threw a slider on Feger to take 2nd and started to gain on Schmidt. With 3 to go Schaffer went down low but had to check up on slower car Mattison Lienemann causing him to spin and bringing out the yellow. After that Schmidt would check out on the final restart and go on to win. Reece Saldana would earn the Hard Charger for the race after gaining 7 positions to round up the top 3. After spinning early POWRi National Midgets points leader Jake Neuman recovered to finish 6th.

Feature Results:

1. (12S) Aydn Schmidt [1], 2. (84) Devin Feger [2], 3. (17) Reece Saldana [10], 4. (65E) Chad Elliot [8], 5. (22M) Darrel Moser Jr. [11], 6. (99) Jake Neuman [7], 7. (17D) Molly Day [6], 8. (8B) Mickey Bullock [9], 9. (20M) Mattison Lienemann [16], 10. (2) Cody Swisher [15], 11. (32) Austin Schaeffer [4]-DNF, 12. (85) Cale Goodwin [19]-DNF, 13. (10) Tyler Rust [3]-DNF, 14. (6B) Robert Tidabach [12]-DNF, 15. (95) Michael Frantz [13]-DNF, 16. (101) Tobias Midkiff [14]-DNF

-Lucas Halbert


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