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Weekend Winners: May 28-31, plus CRA Returns, POWRi Turnpike Challenge, Schatz Closes in on 300

Photo by 357 Studios at Doe Run Raceway on 5-8-20

This weekend was a good one. POWRi had its 7th Annual Turnpike Challenge, with two teenagers winning two out of the three nights. (CRA) Champions Racing Association returned to the track at Lebanon I-44 Speedway in Missouri. Donny Schatz closes in on 300 World of Outlaws Sprint Car feature wins after winning Saturday night at Lake Ozark Speedway. Illinois native Brandon Sheppard swept the weekend at Davenport Speedway for the World of Outlaws Late Models. These are a just few of the winners from this past weekend, you can find winners from across the nation down below!

Thursday, May 28

Night 1, 7th Annual Turnpike Challenge @ Creek County Speedway (OK): POWRi Midgets/Micros **RAINED OUT**

Friday, May 29

Night 2, 7th Annual Turnpike Challenge @ I-44 Riverside Speedway: POWRi Midgets/Logan Seavey, POWRi Wing Micros/Joe B Miller, POWRi Non Wing Micros/Frank Flud

Cardinal Speedway (NM): IMCA Hobby Stocks/Cameron Martin, IMCA Modifieds/Chaz Baca, IMCA SportMods/John Neal Reid, IMCA Stock Cars/Colby Deming, Stock 4/Chayse Davis

Casper Speedway (WY): Hobby Stocks/James Smith, Mini Stocks/Adrian Maas, Dwarf/Tom Asmus, WISSOTA Midwest Mods/Troy Leiker, WISSOTA Mod Four.Steve Schicketanz, IMCA Modified/Rick Chorniak

Creek County Speedway (OK): ASCA Sooner Region Sprints/Seth Bergman, Dwarf/Chandler Foltz, Non Wing Micros/Cameron Pail, B-Mods/Nick Artherton

Night 1, Davenport Speedway (IA): World of Outlaws Late Models/Brandon Sheppard, IMCA Late Models/Justin Kay

Doe Run Raceway (MO): Wing Micros/Josh Fisher, Pro4Mini/Kyle Jarret, B-Mod/Scott Jarrett, Beginner Kart/Cole Stolzer, Intermediate Kart/Gracie Mann, 250-450 Kart/Korbin Keith

Humboldt Speedway (KS): Sport Mods/Devin Schmidt, Street Stocks/Devin Irvin, Midwest Mods/Jacob Ellison, USRA B-Mods/Brian McGowen, Factory Stocks/Jon Westhoff

KC Raceway (MO): Jrs/Hayden Alberson, Restrictor/Peyton White, Non-Wing/William Guthrie, Outlaw/Riley Goodno, Sportsman/Jeff Ballenger, Outlaw Non Wing/Will Guthrie, A-Class/Jesse Pate, Mod Lites/Ed Griggs

Night 1, Lake Ozark Speedway (MO): World of Outlaws Sprint Cars/Logan Schuchart

Lakeside Speedway (KS): A-Mods/Darron Fuqua, B-Mods/Patrick Royalty, Stock Cars/Brett Heeter, E-Mods/Rodney Schweizer, Pure Stocks/Jason Ryun

Mississippi Thunder Speedway (WI): USRA Mods/Josh Angst, USRA Late Models/Lance Hofer, USRA B-Mods/Jim Chisholm, USRA Hobby Stocks/Chris Hovden, MTS Hornets/Jaedon Ericksonm WISSOTA Super Stocks/Tommy Richards

Monarch Motor Speedway (TX): Southern Late Model Series/Bo Day, IMCA Stock Cars/Austin Bonner, USRA Limited Mods/Robert Elliott, USRA Mods/Kale Westover, USRA Factory Stocks/Stephen Torrez, USRA Tuners/Rick Saupp

Night 1, Park Jefferson Speedway (SD): ASCoC Sprints/Aaron Reutzel, IMCA SportMods/Cody Thompson

Saturday, May 30

Night 3, 7th Annual Turnpike Challenge @ I-44 Riverside Speedway (OK): POWRi Midgets/Michael "Buddy" Kofoid, POWRi A-Class Wing Micros/Trey Robb, POWRi Outlaw Micros/Jake Hagopian

311 Motor Speedway (NC): 604 Late Models/Justin Williams, 602 Late Models/Brandon Hall, Mideast Mods/Zack Tate, U-CARS/Daniel Wright

411 Speedway (TN): 602/Jake Green, Super Street/Josh Henry, Open Wheel/Blake Brown, 604/Zach Sise, FWD/Jacob Sharp, Mini Stock/Michael Courtney

Boone Speedway (IA): Mod Lites/Joel Huggins, IMCA SportMods/Jake Sachau, IMCA Stock Cars/Jay Schmidt, IMCA Modifieds/Cory Sauerman, IMCA Hobby Stocks/Dylan Nelson

Camden Speedway (TN): Hobby/RJ Emison, Street Stocks/TJ Herndon, Factory Stocks/Colby Brandon, 604 Late Models/Ronnie Cooper, Modifieds/Bryce Trull, Quick Silver Street Stock/Tony Cruise, 602 Crate Late Model Sportsman/Tanner Meals

Night 2 Cardinal Speedway (NM): IMCA Hobby Stocks/Carmeron Martin, IMCA Modifieds/Michael Maraschick, IMCA SportMods/Cory Williams, IMCA Stocks/Jeremy Bradley, Stock 4/Yunger Spalding

Central Missouri Speedway (MO): SLMR Late Models/Aaron Marrant, A-Mods/Rodney Sanders, Street Stocks/Brett Wood, B-Mods/Patrick Royalty, Mod-Lites/Dillon Raffurty

Charleston Speedway (IL): UMP A-Mods/Ed Roley, UMP B-Mods/Deece Schwartz, UMP Factory Stocks/Randy Smyser, UMP Hornets/David Lauitson, UMP Street Stocks/Jerrad Krick

Cherokee Speedway (SC): Ultimate Super Late Model Series/Chris Ferguson

Clay City Kartway (KY): RWYB/Damien Camlin, Small Block Open/Dalton Lane, Limited Modified/Chris Terry, Pro Purple/Dakota Rice

Cotton Bowl Speedway (TX): Factory Stocks/Jim Homeyer, IMCA Modified/Ryan Slott, IMCA Southern SportMods/Taylor Floria, IMCA Stock Car/Jason Batt, Street Stocks/Rob Slott, Sport Compacts/Rowdy Chouinard, Dwarf/Dawson Fisher

Creek County Speedway (OK): Factory Stocks/Chris Wilhite Jr, Mini Stocks/Michael Longacre, Dwarf/Chandler Foltz, Champ Sprints/Corey McGehee, Modifieds/James Esmond

Night 2, Davenport Speedway (IA): World of Outlaws Late Models/Brandon Sheppard

Grayson County Speedway (TX): Southern Topless Mods/Michael Smith, Factory Stock/Rodney White, Eco Mods/Cory Whitworth, Economy Stocks/Chris Avery, IMCA Southern SportMods/Donnie Hix

Hagerstown Speedway (MD): Late Models/Kyle Lee, Pure Stocks/Joey Zambotti III, Hobby Stocks/Brady Daniels

I-55 Raceway (MO): DIRTcar Late Models/Daryn Klein, DIRTcar UMP Modifieds/Wll Krup, DIRTcar Pro Mods/Trey Harris, DIRTcar Sportsman/Joel Ortberg, DIRTcar Sport Compacts/Matt Mackey

Night 2 Lake Ozark, Speedway (MO): World of Outlaws Sprint Cars/Donny Schatz

Lancaster Motor Speedway (SC): Lighting Late Models/Timbo Mangum, Crate Sportsman/Jacob Catoe, Thunder Bomber/Benji Knight, Pure Stock/Dean Davis, Extreme 4/Rusty Catoe, FWD/Hunter Wallace, Renegade/Timbo Mangum

Lawton Speedway (OK): 305 RaceSaver Sprints/Joe Bob Lee, USRA Modifieds/Kale Westover, USRA Limited Mods/Shane Little, Mini Stocks/Dakota Davies

Lebanon I-44 Speedway (MO): CRA-ARCA/Carson Hocevar, CRA-JEGS/Bubba Pollard, CRA Street Stocks/Colby Lane

Lincoln Speedway (PA): 410 Sprints/Chad Trout, 360/Todd Rittenhouse Jr

Lucas Oil Speedway (MO): Late Model/Johnny Fennewald, Modifieds/Terry Phillips, Street Stocks/Derek Brown, B-Mods/JC Morton

Night 2, Park Jefferson Speedway (SD): All Star Circuit of Champions Sprints/Austin McCarl, IMCA Stock Cars/Cody Thompson

Port City Raceway (OK): Junior Sprints/Carter Sauer, A-Class/Jeffery Newell, Restricted/Kayden Cole, Non-Wing/Ty Hulsey, Sportsman/Randy Myers, Outlaw/Ty Hulsey, Masters/Harlan Hulsey

Richmond Raceway (KY): Pro Late Models/Derek Fisher, UMP Modifieds/ JT Ayers, Street Stocks and 4 Cylinders rescheduled to June 6th due to curfew.

Night 1, Selinsgrove Speedway (PA): 305 Sprints/Christian Rumsey, Late Models/Rick Eckert

Southern Illinois Raceway (IL): Jrs/Ryder Eigenrauch, Restrictor/Lane Burnett, Non-Wing Outlaw/Aiden Purdue, Wing Outlaws/Jeremy Camp, Mod Lites/Matthew Filkins, Dwarfs/Cody Maier, Sportsman/Cale Goodwin

Southern Oklahoma Speedway (OK): Hobby Stocks/Duane Bourbon, Stock Car/William Gould, Eco Mods/Shawn Williams, Sport Mods/Dean Abbey, IMCA Modifieds/Curtis Allen, Mini Stock/Bubba Isaccs

St. Francois County Raceway (MO): 410 Wing Sprints/Tommy Worley, A-Mods/Greg Swaringim, B-Mods/Clint Young, 600cc Micro Sprints/Andy Bishop

Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex (MO): Outlaw/Tyler Rennison, Restrictor/Tyler Kuykendall, A Class/Willie Urish, Non Wing/Quinton Benson, Jr. Sprint/Landon Jesina, Sportsman/Nathan Killion

Wayne County Speedway (OH): Super Stocks/Bob Daughtery, Mini Stocks/Doug Hensel

Sunday, May 31

Night 4, 7th Annual Turnpike Challenge @ Port City Raceway (OK): POWRi Midgets/Cannon McIntosh, POWRi Outlaw Micros/Harley Hollan

Coles County Speedway (IL): Jr Sprints/Knox Carmin, Restrictors/Collin Mitchell, Outlaw Non-WingDirk Hepworth, Outlaw Wing/Darin Naida

Humboldt Speedway (KS): USRA Modifieds/Tanner Mullens, Street Stocks/Matthew Kay, Sport Compacts/Devin Schmidt, Midwest Mods/Rob Muilenburg, USRA B-Mods/Andy Bryant

Night 2, Selinsgrove Speedway (PA): 4K to Win Super Late Models, 305 PASS Sprints

Slinger Speedway (WI): Alan Kulwicki Memorial: Super Late Models/Steve Apel, Late Models/Jacob Nottestad, Slinger Bees/Carl Benn, Super Bees/Kyle Stark, Sportsman/Jake Schraufnagel, 6 Cylinder/Mark Fogel Jr

-Lucas Halbert

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