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Zearfoss Wins at Southern Oklahoma for the All Star Circuit of Champions

Photo by The Wheatley Collection via ASCoC Twitter

Brock Zearfoss wins at Southern Oklahoma Speedway for the All Star Circuit of Champions. Zearfoss didn’t have to go far to get his win as he started second for the feature. Danny Dietrich came from 8th to finish in second while Dominic Scelzi finished where he started in third place. Two other big movers of the evening were Cory Eliason who gained 5 spots to place fourth and Justin Sanders moved up 6 spots to round out the top 5. Greg Wilson picked up the Hard Charger Award tonight after getting around 9 cars on his way to a Top 10.

Feature Results (30 Laps):

1. (3Z) Brock Zearfoss

2. (48) Danny Dietrich

3. (41S) Dominic Scelzi

4. (26) Cory Eliason

5. (16A) Justin Sanders

6. (70) Justin Peck

7. (13) Paul McMahn

8. (11) Zeb Wise

9. (87) Aaron Reutzel

10. (W20) Greg Wilson

11. (99) Skylar Gee

12. (1X) Jake Bubak

13. (15H) Sam Hafertepe Jr

14. (9) Kasey Kahne

15. (9$) Kyle Clark

16. (17W) Harli White

17. (23B) Brain Bell

18. (28) Scott Bogucki

19. (11X) John Carney

20. (52) Blake Hahn

21. (4) Danny Smith

22. (14) Tony Stewart

23. (17) Josh Baugham

24. (21P) Robbie Price

Dash Results: Skylar Gee, Brock Zearfoss, Dominic Scelzi, Aaron Reutzel, Paul McMahan, Justin Peck, Cory Eliason, Josh Baughman

Heat 1: Dominic Scelzi, Cory Eliason, Aaron Reutzel, Sam Hafertepe Jr, Brian Bell, Greg Wilson, Harli White

Heat 2: Josh Baughman, Kasey Kahne, Zeb Wise, Paul McMahan, Skylar Gee, Blake Hahn, Danny Smith, Kyle Clark

Heat 3: Brock Zearfoss, Danny Dietrich, Justin Sanders, Scott Bogucki, Justin Peck, Tony Stewart, Jake Bubak, Robbie Price

Fast Time: Aaron Reutzel, 13.109

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