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Kuhn Saves Tires For Caution Less Rowdy Energy Select Series Win at Oxford Plains

Ryan Kuhn played the tire game right and won a caution less Sunday afternoon (5/3) race at virtual Oxford Plains Speedway for the Rowdy Energy Select Series presented by Speed 51.

Derek Griffith started on the pole but lost it going into turn one as Layne Riggs got a great jump. Riggs held the lead for a bit until Devon Morgan stepped out of line to try and find something on the upper lane.

Morgan found what he was looking for and went from sitting fourth to battling for second. John Peters who was running second got in the back of Riggs, letting Morgan sneak around the outside to the lead on lap 27.

The main concern for Morgan was, had he used up his tires too much working the outside? The answer was yes he had because here cam Ryan Kuhn. Kuhn had saved his tires all day and used real-life experience from Oxford to be in that moment.

Morgan slid up to the higher groove again to try and find the magic he once had earlier in the race. But Kuhn, so much faster on fresher tires, took the lead on the inside from Morgan with 23 to go. Kuhn did not look back and had no difficulties winning from there on out.

Morgan would have more than likely finished second but connection issues set him back.

Feature Results (150 Laps):

1. (72) Ryan Kuhn

2. (39) Max Cookson

3. (77) Ryan Douchette

4. (99) Layne Riggs

5.(42) Parker Retzlaff

6. (077) Riley Stenjem

7. (1) Alex McCollum

8. (76) Cayden Lapcevich

9. (26) Travis Braden

10. (109) John Peters

11. (14) Corey Deuser

12. (10) Kaden Honeycutt

13. (24) Mason Diaz

14. (3) Carson Kvapil

15. (32) Treyten Lapcevich

16. (20) Anthony Sergi

17. (21) Kole Raz

18. (43) Daniel Dye

19. (112) Devon Morgan

20. (52) Brittney Zamora

21. (12) Derek Griffith

22. (71) Dawson Fletcher

23. (8) Rafe Slate

24. (09) Chris Dilbeck

25. (9) Derek Kraus

-Lucas Halbert

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