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McCollum Goes Back to Back for the Rowdy Energy Super Select Series

Alex McCollum gets the win at Southern National Motorsports Park on Saturday night (4/18) for the Rowdy Energy Super Select Series.

Alex McCollum got his third win for the Rowdy Energy Select Series and extented his points lead in the process.

McCollum started 12th and got to work quickly moving up to second within 50 short laps. On lap 59 he got around pole sitter Rafe Slate to take the lead.

No. 112 Devon Morgan who started 11th took his time moving to the front, ran side by side with McCollum for the lead for a couple laps. Morgan running the top finally cleared McCollum on lap 108. Morgan got to the lead and took and built his lead up to a second with 10 laps on the bullring.

Morgan who had built up a substantial lead was going through lap traffic when he was putting No. 40 Carson Hocevar a lap down, Hocevar got loose and collected Morgan. Morgan had quite a bit of damage but managed to hold the lead until the caution was thrown.

On the restart McCollum acquired the lead back immediately as Morgan fell back to 6th on the first lap. McCollum never gave the lead back up as he held on to lead the final 19 laps.

Feature Results:

1. (1) Alex McCollum

2. (77) Ryan Douchette

3. (39) Max Cookson

4. (32) Treyten Lapcevich

5. (42) Parker Retzlaff

6. (8) Rafe Slate

7. (077) Riley Stenjem

8. (14) Corey Deuser

9. (10) Caden Honeycutt

10. (43) Daniel Dye

11. (72) Ryan Kuhn

12. (25) Chris Wimmer

13. (21) Kole Raz

14. (24) Mason Diaz

15. (4) Raphael Lessard

16. (109) John Peters

17. (112) Devon Morgan

18. (3) Carson Kvapil

19. (40) Carson Hocevar

20. (09) Chris Dilbeck

21. (69) Stephen Nasse

22. (74) Chris Gabehart

23. (99) Layne Riggs

24. (52) Brittney Zamora

25. (76) Caden Lapcevich

26. (20) Anthony Sergi

27. (26) Travis Braden

28. (114) Connor Okrzesik

29. (151) Sammy Smith

30. (81) Giovanni Bromante

31. (35) Greg VanAlst

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